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Content as King: Why Video is the Key to Unlocking Hearts and Minds

Learn more about how branded video is the best way to unlock the hearts and minds of your target audience -
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As advertisers seek to understand how best to communicate their brand story and values, it's imperative to understand how consumers are affected by different forms of communication.

We surveyed over 2,400 users to understand the impact of digital advertising formats on consumers' perception of brands and products. The findings indicate that people are largely impacted by branded video in premium formats (especially new, innovative technologies), and that this trend has stayed consistent, causing advertisers to spend more year after year on content marketing and video.

Learn more about how branded video is the best way to unlock the hearts and minds of your target audience.

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Running digital video ads? Let’s compare notes

Hi Steven, 

eMarketer just published its latest Digital Video Advertising 2018 Best Practices report, which explores the newest set of challenges faced by digital video advertisers alongside recommended best practices for tackling those challenges. 

Inside the report, you'll find a wide range of interviews with industry experts sharing key format solutions, enabling advertisers and marketers to implement these solutions into their campaigns and see real results. Relevant topics covered in the report include media types, ad formats, purchasing methods, devices and content platforms, among others. 

While the full report is only available to eMarketer PRO customers, you can download the Executive Summary by clicking here

P.S. If you'd like to schedule time to walk through the report or receive a tour of eMarketer PRO, please let me know and I'll connect you with someone on my team. Just reply



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RealClearPolitics Today for 02/28/2018 




RCP Front Page:

Cutting NRA Ties Is Bad for Business and America

Jon Gabriel, USA Today

Renewed Gun Control Focus Will Help Dems in 2018

Josh Kraushaar, National Journal

The Democrats' Date With Disaster

Conrad Black, New York Sun

Robert Mueller Doesn't Need a Smoking Gun

Elizabeth Drew, The New Republic

Why Didn't the FBI Call Carter Page for an Interview?

Andrew McCarthy, NRO

The Florida School Shooting Could Have Been Prevented

Michael Goodwin, NY Post

Gun Smoke and Mirrors

Andrew Rosenthal, New York Times

Thank Goodness My Kids' School Has Armed Staff Member

Anonymous, Federalist

I Was a Marine. Now I'm a Teacher. Don't Give Me a Gun

Debra Ciamacca, Time

High Court Case Threatens Dems' Use of Union Muscle

John Kass, Chicago Tribune

Unions Could Be Dismantled. Progressives Must Unite

Tom Steyer, The Guardian

McDaniel Set to Take On Wicker in MS Republican Primary

Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP

The Train to Common Sense

Robert Curry, American Greatness

Globalization Has Created a Chinese Monster

Emile Simpson, Foreign Policy

Crown Prince Performs Shock Therapy on Saudi Arabia

David Ignatius, Wash Post

U.S. Must Move at Speed of Technology, Not Bureaucracy

Newt Gingrich, FOX News

Waco Standoff: A Painful Reckoning for ATF, FBI

Lee Hancock, Dallas Morning News

The Problem With Mandatory Union Fees

Chicago Tribune

Union-Busting in the Name of the 1st Amendment

Los Angeles Times

The Dog Ate My Congressional District

Washington Examiner

Xi Jinping Dreams of World Power for Himself and China

New York Times

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Daily Bulletin for 02/28/2018 

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Scientists Record Brain Cell Activity at Death

Rafi Letzter, Live Science

At the edge of life and death is a spreading dark wave.Scientists spotted it first in rabbits. In a series of papers published throughout the 1940s, Harvard biologist Aristides Leo described finding a sudden silencing of electrical activity in the exposed brains of his unconscious experimental animals after subjecting them to injuries applying electrical shocks, poking them with glass rods or cutting off the blood in their arteries.

Giant Viruses with Huge Tails Discovered

Andrew Masterson, Cosmos Magazine

Two newly discovered species of giant virus both have the largest assembly of protein-coding genes ever found in the virus realm.And the viruses themselves aren't exactly tiny. A paper in the journal Nature Communications describes them as optically visible a highly unusual characteristic.The two new species, note a team of scientists led by Bernard La Scola from Aix-Marseille University, have a protein shell, known as a capsid, around 450 nanometres long and a cylindrical tail roughly the same length. The tail is the largest ever discovered.

Hubble Confirms Universe Expanding Faster Than Thought

Dan Oberhaus, MB

A team of astronomers from the Space Telescope Institute and John Hopkins University led by Nobel laureate Adam Reiss has confirmed data that the universe is expanding significantly faster than previously thought.As detailed in a forthcoming paper for The Astrophysical Journal, Reiss and his colleagues used four years' worth of data from the Hubble Space Telescope to determine that the universe is expanding about 9 percent faster than other leading measurements predicteda wild mismatch in a field as precise as cosmology.

World's Largest Plane Marks Key Milestone

Edd Gent, NBC News

Rockets have been the way to get satellites into orbit since the dawn of the space age. But Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen hopes to shake that up with help from the world's biggest airplane.Stratolaunch is a 500,000-pound beast with twin fuselages and a wingspan of 385 feet. Allen's Seattle-based company is developing it as a platform for lifting rockets into the stratosphere before launching them into space.

Building the Ultimate Habitable Solar System

Sean Raymond, Nautilus

When Frank Drake was a boy, growing up in 1930s Chicago, his parents, observant Baptists, enrolled him in Sunday School. By the time he was 8 years old, he suspected his religion, and others around the world, were, to some extent, environmentally determinedlocal chance events helped shape them. He began to think the same might be true of civilization, for humans and, perhaps, aliens as wellbut he thought it better to keep these thoughts to himself.

In a Quantum Universe, Even Mass Is Uncertain

Ethan Siegel, Forbes

In the microscopic world of the quantum particle, there are certain rules that are wholly unfamiliar to us on a macroscopic scale. If you measure a particle's position and ask "where are you," the more accurately you learn the answer, you'll fundamentally know its motion, or its momentum, less well.

Is Russia Spreading Anti-GMO Propaganda in the US?

George Dvorsky, Gizmodo

Researchers from Iowa State University are claiming that US versions of popular Russian-funded news media are littered with articles and links casting genetically modified organisms in a negative light. It's an effort, say the researchers, to discredit American agricultural practices and to portray Russian crops as an ecologically cleaner alternative to GMOs.

Enceladus Could Be Teeming with Microbes

Ramin Skibba, Scientific American

Scientists and science fiction writers alike have long wondered about what forms alien life might take on other worlds. Now researchers have strengthened the case that, at least on Saturn's icy moon Enceladus, some alien life might closely resemble a specific type of microbe found deep in our own planet's seas.

How Ski Soldiers Kept the Nazis from the Atomic Bomb

Timothy Jorgense, Conv

After handing them their suicide capsules, Norwegian Royal Army Colonel Leif Tronstad informed his soldiers, I cannot tell you why this mission is so important, but if you succeed, it will live in Norway's memory for a hundred years.These commandos did know, however, that an earlier attempt at the same mission by British soldiers had been a complete failure.

What Happens Beyond 'Absolute Hot'?

Yuen Yiu, Physics Central

Can temperature drop below absolute zero? What happens then? Does it pop out at the other end of the thermometer like Pac-Man and become infinitely hot? Well, kind of, and the seemingly wacky concept is actually surprisingly common in physics.A recent paper published in Physical Review Letters describes a system where negative temperature is used to explain a weird but real phenomenon in our physical world.

Looking for Nothing to Test General Relativity

Matthew Francis, Symmetry

In 1887, physicists Albert Michelson and Edward Morley performed one of physics' most famous experiments (at Case Western Reserve University, coincidentally, across the street from where this article was written). Unlike other important experiments, they didn't find what they were looking for, but unexpectedly their null result prepared the way for the theory of relativity.

Did Humans Cause a 'Rainforest Crisis' 2,600 Years Ago?

Kiona Smith, Ars Tech

Three thousand years ago, dense old-growth rainforests covered most of central Africa. But around 2,600 years ago, an event that ecologists call the Late Holocene Rainforest Crisis occurred, and the forests suddenly gave way to savannas dotted with islands of trees. Six hundred years later, the forests grew back almost as swiftly as they had vanished.But for the last 20 years, paleoecologists have debated what caused the Rainforest Crisis. Most thought that the region's climate changed, bringing either less annual rain or a longer dry season with a short but intense monsoon.

Five Lost Cities of the World

Ian Tucker, The Guardian

Last week laser scanning revealed the true scale of the ancient city of Angamuco in western Mexico. The city, built around AD900, is thought to have had 100,000 residents and included pyramids, road systems, vegetable gardens and ball courts. It was a major centre for the Purpecha people, rivals to the Aztecs.

Why the Arctic Was Just Warmer Than Europe

Mindy Weisberger, Live Sci

During the Arctic winter, when the sun hides from October to March, the average temperature in the frozen north typically hovers around a bone-chilling minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 20 degrees Celsius). But this year, the Arctic is experiencing a highly unusual heat wave.

Air Force Chief Warns of Space War in 'Matter of Years'

George Dvorsky, G-modo

Speaking to an audience of active-duty airmen, US Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein predicted it'll only be a matter of years before American forces find themselves fighting from space. To prepare for this grim possibility, he said the Air Force needs new tools and a new approach to training leaders. Oh, and lots of money.

Was Cooking a Pivotal Step in Human Evolution?

Alexandra Rosati, Sci American

The shift to a cooked-food diet was a decisive point in human history. The main topic of debate is when, exactly, this change occurred.All known human societies eat cooked foods, and biologists generally agree cooking could have had major effects on how the human body evolved. For example, cooked foods tend to be softer than raw ones, so humans can eat them with smaller teeth and weaker jaws.
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