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Why Doesn't NASA Just Buy Falcon Heavys?

Eric Berger, Ars Tech

Since the launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket in February, NASA has faced some uncomfortable questions about the affordability of its own Space Launch System rocket. By some estimates, NASA could afford 17 to 27 Falcon Heavy launches a year for what it is paying annually to develop the SLS rocket, which won't fly before 2020. Even President Trump has mused about the high costs of NASA's rocket.

The Real Health Consequences of Not Dreaming

Derek Beres, Big Think

Carl Jung believed dreams represent archetypal realities obscured during waking consciousness. Dreams reveal more than they conceal, he wrote, countering Freud's idea that subconscious movies were by design secretive. Dreams are an integral component of Jung's theory of individuation, in which our conscious and unconscious lives are integrated.

Kids with Autism Less Likely to Be Fully Vaccinated

Phoebe Roth, Conversation

Children with autism and their younger siblings are less likely to be fully vaccinated than neurotypical children and their siblings, new research from the US has found.Of children aged seven years and older, 94% of neurotypical children had received all the recommended vaccinations for children aged 4-6 years. For those with autism, the rate was 82%.

Will a New Brain Scanner Change Neuroscience?

Neuroskeptic, Discover

An improved method for recording brain activity could prove a major asset to neuroscience, according to a Nature paper just out: Moving magnetoencephalography towards real-world applications with a wearable systemThe new device is an improved version of an existing technique, called magnetoencephalography (MEG).

The Infinite Primes & Museum Guard Proofs, Explained

Erica Klarreich, Quanta

In January, I spoke with Gnter Ziegler, one of the authors of Proofs From THE BOOK, a compilation of some of the most beautiful and elegant proofs in mathematics. The collection was inspired by the legendary mathematician Paul Erd?s, who envisioned an infinite book in which God had written the perfect proof for each theorem.

Will the World Ever Be Ready for Solar Geoengineering?

Tien Nguyen, C & E News

The first time Frank Keutsch heard about solar geoengineering, he thought the idea was terrifying. To the Harvard University atmospheric chemist, schemes such as spraying millions of tons of sulfate particles into the sky to reflect the sun's rays and cool the planet seemed perilous. Not only might the strategies disrupt the atmosphere in unexpected ways, but they might also dramatically alter the weather and harm the lives of Earth's inhabitants.

How Aliens Could Detect Life on Earth

Michael Greshko, National Geographic

As the universe's only known harbor for life, Earth is arguably one strange rock. But light-years from our solar system, other intelligent beings on a similar planetary oasis might be gazing in our direction and seeing us as a sign that they're not alone in the universe.To date, astronomers have confirmed the existence of nearly 4,000 planets beyond our solar system, including some that just might have the conditions necessary to support life as we know it.

Biologists Stumped by Bumps on Humpback Whales

Lesley Ogden, SciNews

Off the Kohala coast on the Big Island of Hawaii, Christine Gabriele spots whale 875. The familiar propeller scar on its left side and the shape of its dorsal fin are like a telltale fingerprint. Gabriele, a marine biologist with the Hawaii Marine Mammal Consortium, confirms the whale's identity against her extensive photo catalog. Both Gabriele and this male humpback have migrated to this Pacific Island from Southeastern Alaska.

NASA Is Planning What Astronauts Will Eat on Mars

Matt Reynolds, Wired UK

In space, tortillas are a deeply sought-after food. The anonymous journals of astronauts, which detail their most private thoughts from time aboard the International Space Station, repeatedly mention the floury flatbreads.We filmed us opening up the unofficial bag and eating the tortillas. They were fantastic. Maybe the best tortilla I ever ate, wrote one astronaut aboard the ISS, after discovering an extra bag hidden away.

My Modified Gravity Theory Actually Works

Sabine Hossenfelder, Backreaction

Have I recently mentioned that I am now proud owner of my personal modified gravity theory? I have called it Covariant Emergent Gravity. Though frankly I'm not sure what's emergent about it; the word came down the family tree of theories from Erik Verlinde's paper. Maybe I had better named it Gravity McGravace, which is about equally descriptive.

Silk Road Skeletons Shake Assumptions on Ancient Diet

K. Killgrove, Forbes

A new research project based on the analysis of skeletons suggests that, in the Medieval period, settling down in a city along the Silk Road may have been less healthy compared to leading a nomadic lifestyle in the same region.In an article out today in Scientific Reports, researchers from Kiel University in Germany, the Institute of Archaeology in Samarkand in Uzbekistan, and Washington University in St. Louis describe a stable isotope analysis of 74 human skeletons from 14 cemeteries dating to the 2nd-13th centuries AD from across Silk Road communities in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and...

Pseudoscience of the Alt-Right and Regressive Left

Jonny Anomaly, Quillette

The world is getting harder to understand. Although science has never been more successful at revealing the contours of the world where we came from, what kind of creature we are, which forces govern the objects around us the difficulty of processing new information continues to grow.

Ancient Megaflood Created 1.5km Waterfall

Andrew Masterson, Cosmos

Once upon a time there was a massive flood across the Mediterranean Sea, an in-pouring of water so huge that it excavated a canyon five kilometres deep and 20 kilometres long, and created a waterfall with a 1.5 kilometre drop.Evidence for the great flood, long hypothesised, has now been found by a team of researchers led by geoscientist Aaron Micallef from the University of Malta.

LiDAR Reveals an Ancient Roman Highway

Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience

The mountainous, limestone landscape near Trieste, Italy is a wonder to behold. Slightly acidic water carves and erodes the soluble, sedimentary rock over many thousands of years, fracturing the terrain and creating jagged formations. Above ground is a garden of naturally-cut sculptures. Below ground lies a system of weathered caves. The place fosters a distinct feeling of oldness.

Why Pancreatic Cancer Is on the Rise

Claudia Wallis, Scientific American

We can all be grateful that pancreatic cancer is pretty rareaccounting for about 3 percent of all cancers. Its toll, however, is another story. Five years ago it was the fourth-leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. Today it's number three and expected to soon overtake colon cancer for the number-two spot, right behind lung cancer.

It's Strangely Acceptable to Demonize Teens

Kate Kellaway, The Guardian

Adolescents for ever have had a bad reputation. There are so many negative stereotypes. You can go back as far as Socrates, who said they have bad manners, contempt for authority, show disrespect for elders and love chatter in the place of exercise. It is not socially acceptable to mock and demonise other sectors of society.

Should We Lower the P Value Threshold to .005?

John Ioannidis, JAMA

P values and accompanying methods of statistical significance testing are creating challenges in biomedical science and other disciplines. The vast majority (96%) of articles that report P values in the abstract, full text, or both include some values of .05 or less. However, many of the claims that these reports highlight are likely false. Recognizing the major importance of the statistical significance conundrum, the American Statistical Association (ASA) published3 a statement on P values in 2016.
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