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MORNING RECON: 15th Anniversary of the Iraq War; SOCOM's Small Glide Munitions; Air Force Struggles With Airborne Lasers; Modern Strategic Thought

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Morning Recon

Good Tuesday morning and welcome to MORNING RECON.  On this day in 2003 – (9:34 p.m., 19 March EST) the military invasion of Iraq began. The invasion of Iraq, led by U.S. army General Tommy Franks, began under the codename "Operation Iraqi Liberation", later renamed "Operation Iraqi Freedom", the UK codename Operation Telic, and the Australian codename Operation Falconer.

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Trump, North Korea and Iran
By Mohammed Ayoob, The Strategist (ASPI): "Trump's decision to meet with the North Korean leader has broader implications in the arena of nuclear non-proliferation. The most important of these is the message this decision has sent to Iran."

DoD's Space Industrial Base Working Group
By Sandra Erwin, SpaceNews: "The "space industrial base working group" is looking at how agencies could share technology and, more broadly, how the government buys technology the private sector."

Army to Get THAAD and Patriot Systems to Communicate
By Jen Judson, Defense News: "The approach could enhance the development of the Army's future AMD command-and-control system, the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System — or IBCS."

Navy, Newport News Taking Steps Towards Two-Carrier Buy
By Megan Eckstein, USNI News: "The Navy moved towards signing the first two-carrier contract since the Reagan Administration, asking builder Newport News Shipbuilding for additional data on the cost-savings potential for buying CVNs 80 and 81 together."

Army National Guard Calling for More Apaches
By Connie Lee, National Defense Magazine: "The Army announced in January that it had decided to keep four out of eight National Guard Apache battalions, a change from the 2014 Aviation Restructuring Initiative that originally called for ridding the Guard of all of these units and transferring the 192 helicopters to the active component."

SOCOM Going Big on GBU-69B Small Glide Munitions (SGMs)
By Robin Hughes, IHS Jane's 360: "The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) intends to award Dynetics Inc. a sole-source contract for the supply of additional GBU-69B Small Glide Munitions (SGMs) and related engineering support between calendar year (CY) 2018 and CY 2022."

Air Force Struggling With Stabilising Airborne Lasers
By Pat Host, IHS Jane's 360: "Tony Hostutler, technical advisor at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) for laser technologies, told reporters on 19 March at the Pentagon that the aero-optics effects of air moving over the turret of airborne laser weapons has traditionally been a challenge. Hostutler said the USAF is working to further mitigate this jitter as the service matures directed energy, or laser, weapons to make them smaller and better."

Mattis Congratulates New 'Secretary of Defense'​
By Nicole Bauke, Military Times: "Although the White House has captivated national attention with its revolving door of hirings and firings, one recent appointment was overlooked by many."

Army's Interim Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) Solution​
By Jen Judson, Defense News: "The U.S. Army plans to choose an interim solution to meet a much-needed Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) capability in Europe by the end of the year."


U.S., SAUDI ARABIA: The Saudi Crown Prince's American Charm Offensive
By Kimberly Dozier, The Cipher Brief: "Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has won over the American president. He now has a simple message for the American people: we're the modern Gulf ally you've been looking for, to offset the threat of Iran, keep you safe from al Qaeda in Yemen and invest our oil wealth to bring you jobs."

U.S., SOUTH KOREA: Joint Military Exercises to Begin April 1
By Robert Burns, AP: "At a potentially pivotal moment of diplomacy with North Korea, the Pentagon said Monday that annual U.S.-South Korean military exercises that had been postponed for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics will begin April 1."


Requiem for Failure—Operation IRAQI FREEDOM, a 15th Anniversary to Forget
By Danny Sjursen, RealClearDefense: "The war comes mostly in flashes now. A calendar date passes, and something jars my senses. At that moment, it is 2007 again; I am a young man; I have no idea what is to come."

To Defend America, Don't Overreach
By William Ruger, The New York Times: "It looks as if President Trump is going to get his military parade after all. The last time our forces paraded across Washington was in 1991, to hail our triumph in the Gulf war. Unfortunately, there hasn't been much to celebrate in our foreign policy since — unless you count the 15-year anniversary, on Tuesday, of the start of the Iraq war."

The Impact of the First World War on U.S. Policymakers
By Andrew Kirby, Strategy Bridge "The United States, disenchanted with war, disenfranchised by the financial crisis, and ready to embrace populism and isolationism faces dual challenges. A rising Asian power, seeking to up-end the established international order, and a series of protracted and controversial small wars."

The Policy-Strategy Distinction:
Clausewitz and The Chimera of Modern Strategic Thought

By Adam Elkus, Infinity Journal: "Tactics and strategy are frequently mistaken for policy, and policy mistaken for the strategies needed to execute them. Widespread ignorance of policy-strategy in, among others, America holds back a sound analysis of modern security threats and retards the development of intellectual tools needed to cope with them."

Strategy in Postmodern Times
By Julian Koeck, Strategy Bridge: "Outside of games such as chess or Go, games with strict rules, we cannot foresee the future development of things. Therefore, strategies can only offer us leading principles."

My Leadership Journey and Other Observations
By Donald C. Bolduc, Small Wars Journal: "It was my honor to serve as both an enlisted man and an officer. I have watched the post-Vietnam Army, the air land battle Army, the post-Gulf War Army, and the post 9-11 Army transform, develop, and struggle with what it is supposed to do and represent."

How the Network Generation Is Changing the Millennial Military
By KC Reid, War on the Rocks: "This new generation is more intellectually prepared for danger and uncertainty, and is full of determination and self-confidence, but it is also uniquely fragile. The U.S. military requires mental toughness beyond what many NetGens possess when they join."

Might Kim Actually Want to Cut a Deal?
By Ron Huisken, The Strategist (ASPI): "Much of the administration, not to mention the wider 'swamp' in Washington DC, was aghast. That alone may well explain a larger part of President Trump's motivation than anyone dares to openly acknowledge—and represents a skillful piece of long-distance character assessment on the part of Pyongyang."

Give North Korea All the Prestige It Wants​
By Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy: "In Dorothy L. Sayers's short story "Talboys," the noble sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey at one point gives his young son Bredon an important lesson about adult behavior."

A New Way Forward on Addressing North Korea
By Brenda A. Oppel, David M. Gohlich & John D. Dietz, Small Wars Journal: "Early on, the Bush administration looked upon North Korea with suspicion that it was maintaining a clandestine nuclear program, and U.S. intelligence confirmed these suspicions in finding that North Korea was in fact pursuing a covert program to enrich uranium."

Saudi's Young Leader Arrives to a Washington Divided Over Yemen
By Varsha Koduvayur & Alexandra N. Gutowski, RealClearDefense: "The crown prince has undertaken an ambitious reform agenda at home, but the war in Yemen has upset U.S.-Saudi relations at a critical juncture when Iranian aggression threatens the vital interests of both Washington and Riyadh."

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