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MORNING RECON - Presented by USAA: 10 Greatest Military Operation Names; Getting the Army Deployable; Air Force in Crisis; Pave Hawk Crashes in Iraq

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Morning Recon

Good Friday morning and welcome to MORNING RECON.  On this day in 1940, U.S. envoy and Under-Secretary of State, Sumner Welles, holds talks with Mussolini, Count Ciano, the foreign minister, and King Victor Emmanuel III on the last stop of his mission to discuss conditions for mediation or peace talks in Europe. He receives a cordial but non-committal welcome.

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Defense Official: Trump Is Serious About Creating a Space Force
By Sandra Erwin, SpaceNews: "A review of how space forces might be organized is being led by Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan. "The assessment of the space corps is one of those options that is getting close attention, among others," said Rapuano. Shanahan will submit recommendation to lawmakers in August."

Army Leadership Want to Accelerate Future Vertical Lift
By James Drew, Aviation Week: "The heads of the U.S. Army say they "won't stand for delays" on the multiservice Future Vertical Lift program, despite a re-phasing in the fiscal 2019 budget."

Army Wants Armed Ground Robot Prototype by 2019
By Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense: "The new combat vehicles must be "optimized for fighting in dense urban terrain." Fighting in narrow streets, in turn, requires smaller vehicles than the massive M1 -- and one way to reduce weight is to take the humans out."

CBO: 355-Ship Fleet $6.7 Billion Over Budget
From USNI News: "Two of four shipbuilding scenarios detailed by a Congressional Budget Office report released Wednesday would create a 355-ship Navy by 2037, but current Navy spending requests only maintain the status quo of the current-sized 282-ship fleet."

Army Is Pushing to Get Two-thirds of Its Brigades Deployable
By Meghann Myers, Army Times: "The Army is working to pull itself out of a readiness crisis after almost two decades of continuous combat, coupled with waves of build-ups and drawdowns."

Army Accelerates Upgraded Intel Data-Base to War
By Kris Osborn, Warrior Maven: "Through a new deal with Raytheon and Palantir technologies, the Army plans to quickly integrate hardware and software improvements to its Distributed Common Ground System-Army such that it can better access and organize combat relevant information at the "tactical echelon," Army officials announced."

DIA: Russia 'Probably Developing' Nuke-Armed Drone
By Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg: "DIA also says multiple countries, particularly those with less established weapons programs, seek to build "ever smaller and more sophisticated nuclear weapons." through their "technical ambitions may lead to compromises in safety" that "could make a weapons accident more likely""

10 Greatest Military Operation Names
By James Barber, Under the Radar: "1. Operation Overloard: The Allied invasion of France on D-Day may have been the best-kept secret in military history right up until landing on June 6, 1944 ..."

Dead Drop: March 16
By Anonymous, The Cipher Brief: "PAUL PLOT: Who gave Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., bad information? ..."

The Indelible Legacy of Miss Mac
By Bill Bray, Proceedings Magazine: "Lieutenant Commander Mildred McAfee was the first woman commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy, entering the U.S. Naval Reserve on 3 August 1942. "


U.S., IRAQ: U.S. Pave Hawk Crashes in Western Iraq
By Lolita C. Baldor, AP: "A U.S. military helicopter has crashed in western Iraq with seven service members on board, U.S. officials said Thursday."

RUSSIA: Russian Submarine Activity at Post-Cold War High
By John Vandiver, Stars and Stripes: ""They are deploying more and they are deploying at a higher rate," said Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti, adding that the Russian navy is regularly maneuvering from the Arctic to the Mediterranean. "The forces they are deploying are being modernized, particularly with their weapons systems.""


Air Force in Crisis, Part III: It's All About the Culture
By Mike Benitez, War on the Rocks: "The methodology a fighter pilot uses to debrief after a mission is simple yet effective: What happened, why did it happen, and how do you fix it?"

Deckplates: Overuse Devalues Personal Awards
By Paul Kingsbury, Proceedings Magazine: "The Navy has increased drastically its use of personal awards, but overuse can lessen their impact."

Why Tanks Need 4 Crew Members, Not 3
By Rich Creed, Task & Purpose: "Having spent a lot of time on tanks, I would argue that pursuing technical solutions that don't account for the human dimension of sustained ground combat is a mistake."​

The Hidden Role of Chemical Weapons on 9/11
By Ian Wilkie, RealClearDefense: "Lost in the piles of rubble amid thousands of corpses on that tragic day on 9/11 were small handheld devices which afforded the hijackers a distinct advantage in the small, confined spaces of the aircraft cabins: namely, miniaturized chemical weapons containing CS gas or cayenne pepper."

Food Insecurity: A Devastating Consequence—And Weapon—of Conflict
By Levi Maxey, The Cipher Brief: "Militant groups recruit the hungry with promises of the next meal, and states such as North Korea and Syria control food as a mechanism of internal power and psychological warfare."

China's Quest for Political Control and Military Supremacy in the Cyber Domain
By Elsa Kania, The Strategist (ASPI): "The CCP has long believed itself to be engaged in an ideological contest in cyberspace."

The Evolution of Chinese Nuclear Doctrine: Updating or Overhauling?
By Lorenzo Termine, RealClearDefense: "Lost in the piles of rubble amid thousands of corpses on that tragic day on 9/11 were small handheld devices which afforded the hijackers a distinct advantage in the small, confined spaces of the aircraft cabins: namely, miniaturized chemical weapons containing CS gas or cayenne pepper."

Russians Targeting the 'Achilles Heel' of Critical Infrastructure
From The Cipher Brief: "The Trump administration has accused Russia of a coordinated "multi-stage intrusion campaign" to hack into critical U.S. infrastructure networks and conduct "network reconnaissance" while attempting to delete evidence of their intrusions. "​

Russian Pragmatism on Display in South East Asia
By Dmitry V. Shlapentokh, the interpreter: "Many Western observers, especially from the U.S., present Vladimir Putin as either a Machiavellian mixer with almost superhuman abilities – he who put Donald Trump in the White House and created problems for NATO and Europe – or as an insane imperialist who wants to restore the Soviet Union, or empire of the tsar."

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