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MORNING RECON: Air Force Could Lose 1/3 of F-35s; Trump Gives the Super Hornet a Big Boost; Army Aviation: Get Your Act Together; HMMWV Modernization?

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Morning Recon

Good Wednesday morning and welcome to MORNING RECON.  On this day in 1946, the State Department releases the so-called Acheson-Lilienthal Report, which outlines a plan for international control of atomic energy. The report represented an attempt by the United States to maintain its superiority in the field of atomic weapons while also trying to avoid a costly and dangerous arms race with the Soviet Union.

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Today's Top Stories


U.S.–North Korea Summit: Can Trump Deliver?
By Andray Abrahamian, the interpreter: "An armored train carrying North Korean leader Kim Jong-un pulled into Beijing on Monday, with a summit with China's Xi Jinping confirmed Wednesday morning by Xinhua. On this, the Trump administration should be worried."

Trump Gives the F/A-18 Super Hornet a Big Boost
By Loren Thompson, Forbes: "Because older Super Hornets are being upgraded to the Block III standard, eventually all of the F/A-18s in the active fleet will have the same capabilities - a significant advantage in coordinating air campaigns."

Mattis to Military: You Have Your Money. Spend It Wisely
By Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One: "The defense secretary warns "results and accountability matter in every expenditure.""

Theodore Roosevelt CSG Leaves Middle East for Pacific
By Ben Werner, USNI News: "While in 7th Fleet, the Roosevelt Strike Group is expected to take part in various exercises with other navies and address shared maritime security concerns, according to a Navy statement."

The U.S. Army Needs Modernized Humvees
By Daniel Gouré, The National Interest: "In future high-end conflicts, strategic mobility and tactical agility will be critical to U.S. Army operations. Based largely in the Continental United States, Army units will have to be moved by air and sea long distances to the theater of conflict."

Surprise Addition of Military Satellites to DoD Budget Irks Industry
By Sandra Erwin, SpaceNews: "'This is sort of like the government deciding to buy more BlackBerries in 2020 or 2021 instead of taking advantage of smartphone technology.'"

Army Unveils Family of Future Vertical Lift Helicopters
By Matthew Cox, Military.com: "U.S. Army aviation officials on Tuesday offered a preview of the aircraft that make up Future Vertical Lift, a bold effort that rests upon developing a family of manned and unmanned rotary-wing aircraft to dominate the skies over future battlefields."

Army Units Will Be Tasked to Work on Each of Futures Command's Priorities
By Meghann Myers, Defense News: "There are eight cross-functional teams tasked with tackling the Army's modernization needs, and this time around, leaders are taking care to get soldier feedback from the get-go."

Air Force Risks Losing Third of F-35s
By Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg: "The U.S. Air Force may have to cut its purchases of Lockheed Martin Corp.'s F-35 by a third if it can't find ways to reduce operations and support costs by as much as 38 percent over a decade, according to an internal analysis."

Paul Bremer, Ski Instructor
By Aaron Gell, Task & Purpose: "The man skied well and had a friendly, patient demeanor. He also seemed to embody the company's core values: safety, service, sustainability and teamwork."


U.S. Army Aviation: Get Your Act Together
By Dave Funk, RealClearDefense: "The U.S. Army Aviation is forty years behind best practices in the flying business."

There Is No Intelligence Community
By C. Dale Walton, Arc Digital: "A more honest name for the "intelligence community" would be "the intelligence organs of the state security apparatus," or the "state intelligence organs," for short."

Sailor 2025: The Navy's Strategy for People
By Robert P. Burke, Proceedings Magazine: "Just more than two years ago the Navy launched Sailor 2025—an evolving program of more than 45 initiatives. It was a long-overdue overhaul to the way we think about and execute career management: everything from promotion and advancement, evaluations and fitness reports (FitReps), selection boards, educational and other professional development opportunities, and even detailing."

Special Forces Opacity: Dangers for the U.K.
By Abigail Watson, Strategy Bridge: "When news first emerged that four American special operators and five Nigeriens had been killed in a deadly ambush on the 4th of October 2017, it catapulted the hitherto, little-known United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM) presence in Niger into the limelight."

Henry David Thoreau Versus the Plutocratic Insurgency
By Bryan T. Baker, Small Wars Journal: "It is said that when Benjamin Franklin emerged from Independence Hall on the last day of deliberations at the Constitutional Convention, he was asked what type of government had been created. The ailing statesman, who had only three more years to live, famously replied: "a republic, if you can keep it.""

Time to Rethink Deterring Russia?
By Rob Dannenberg, The Cipher Brief: "The United States has taken a number of steps in recent weeks to push back on Russian aggression, but they won't deter Russia's aggressive campaign to expand influence at home and abroad unless they take direct aim at the power and pocketbook of Russian President Vladimir Putin – and the cronies who help keep him in power."

How (Not) to Fight Proxy Wars
By C. Anthony Pfaff & Patrick Granfield, The National Interest: "The U.S. Army Aviation is forty years behind best practices in the flying business."

The Precarious State of Civil-Military Relations
By Lindsay P. Cohn, War on the Rocks: "More recently, the apparent ramping-up of the U.S. military presence in Syria, Afghanistan, and parts of Africa has continued apace, while lacking a clear and consistent strategic narrative about what this is supposed to accomplish. There is no shortage of things for observers and scholars to worry about when it comes to civil-military relations."

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