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MORNING RECON: China's 'Preparation for War'; Preparing Navy CSGs for Future War; Compromising With Iran; What Supercarriers Give America

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Morning Recon

Good Monday morning and welcome to MORNING RECON.  On this day in 1943, Elsie S. Ott, U.S. army nurse, became the 1st woman to receive the air medal. As the flight nurse on the first intercontinental air evacuation flight, 2nd Lt. Ott demonstrated the potential of air evacuation in January 1943. An Army nurse who had never flown in an airplane and had no air evacuation training, she successfully oversaw the movement of five seriously ill patients from India to Washington, D.C. This six-day trip would have normally taken three months by ship and ground transportation. For her actions on this historic flight, Ott received the first Air Medal presented to a woman, and she also received formal flight nurse training. 

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Today's Top Stories


Trump Plans to Oust Shulkin As VA Secretary (AP Sources)​
By Thomas Buonomo, RealClearDefense: "President Donald Trump is planning to oust embattled Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin amid an extraordinary rebellion at the agency and damaging government investigations into his alleged spending abuses, three administration officials told The Associated Press on Sunday."

DARPA to Tackle Fake News Scourge​
By Stew Magnuson, National Defense Magazine: "The forensic tools used today lack robustness and scalability, and address only some aspects of media authentication, a DARPA fact sheet said."

What The U.S. Navy's Supercarriers Give America
By Loren Thompson, Forbes: "Imagine a warfighting machine so vast that it stands as tall as an Egyptian pyramid, so powerful that it has unlimited range without refueling for decades, and so lethal that it can destroy hundreds of targets in a hostile country every day for a month."

Future Air Force Fighters to Operate With Decentralized Command and Control
By Kris Osborn, Warrior Maven: "The president of the United States can, in theory, launch nuclear war by personal decision—without any checks or balances. Whether we really think any of the candidates."

Skunk Works Takes Wraps Off Tailless X-44A UAV
By Guy Norris, Aviation Week: "Lockheed Martin Skunk Works unveiled a never-before-seen tailless unmanned air vehicle (UAV) dubbed the X-44A at the Los Angeles County Air Show in California on March 24."

How the U.S. Navy is Training Carrier Strike Groups for Future War​
By Megan Eckstein, USNI News: "After years of discussing and wargaming how the Navy would handle a fight against a peer or near-peer competitor, the Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group had a unique opportunity to practice a high-end fight at the start of its deployment. "

Two Army Brigade Combat Teams Will Get to Test an Autonomous Robot​
By Todd South, Army Times: "The Squad Multipurpose Equipment Transport has been under testing for some time but not within operational forces."

Air Force Stakes Future on Privately Funded Launch Vehicles​
By Sandra Erwin, SpaceNews: "The schedule is getting tight for the U.S. Air Force as a 2022 deadline looms to bid farewell to the Atlas 5 and switch to a different rocket that is not powered by a Russian engine."

Navy's Virginia-Class Attack Subs to Fire Nukes, Expand Mission
By Kris Osborn, Warrior Maven: "The Navy's Director of Undersea Warfare told Congress that a new nuclear-armed submarine-launched cruise missile would be fired from Virginia-class attack submarines."

Army Will Field 100 Km Cannon, 500 Km Missiles: LRPF CFT
By Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense: "The Army is modernizing three artillery systems: 155 cannon, the cheapest option, for the close fight against the enemy's frontline forces; guided rockets for the deep fight against enemy reinforcements and supply lines; and missiles, the most expensive munitions, for very deep or even strategic strikes against targets in the enemy rear and homeland."

Boeing's Next-Gen Super Hornet Will Be (Sort Of) Stealthy
By Lara Seligman, Aviation Week: "Boeing is about to kick off an exhaustive effort to transition the U.S. Navy's carrier air wing to the "Block III" Super Hornet, a next-generation version of the strike fighter complete with new sensors, extended range, a more powerful computer and, yes, enhanced stealth coating."

Army to Begin Fielding Thousands of Squad Marksman Rifles by Oct. 1
By Matthew Cox, Kit Up!: "The U.S. Army will begin fielding roughly 6,000 Heckler & Koch G28E rifles as the service's new Squad Designated Marksman Rifle before the end of FY 2018."


CHINA: China's 'Preparation for War' in the South China Sea
By Thomas Buonomo, RealClearDefense: "China's air force says it recently sent some of its most advanced fighters and bombers for "joint combat patrols" over the South China Sea..."


Increasing  Overall 'Lethality' in Complex Urban Environments
By Jeremy D. McLain, Small Wars Journal: "Military operations in dense urban environments present challenges to mission accomplishment. Many situations call for neutralizing enemy combatants that would use a (sometimes 'protected') building as defilade from allied direct fire."

Believing Is Seeing: On Strategic Imagination
By Andrew A. Hill & Douglas Douds, War Room: "American national security strategy is generally unimaginative. It is too often constrained by a rigid, unimaginative pursuit of optimal objectives… It needs the constructive, creative impulse that characterizes great strategy."​

Liberal World Order, RIP
By Richard Haass, The Strategist (ASPI): "After a run of nearly one thousand years, quipped the French philosopher and writer Voltaire, the fading Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire."​

Strategic Shift Facing the Allied Militaries
By Robbin Laird, Second Line of Defense: "These challenges are posed both in terms of potential high-intensity operations and the expanded gray zone area in which various tools are being and will be used to test the liberal democracies and for illiberal powers to seek to expand their influence and their interests."​

The Attacker Has the Advantage in Cyberspace. Can We Fix That?
By Jason Healey, The Cipher Brief: "It is not news that cyberspace is insecure. Attackers have had the advantage over defenders for not just years, but decades. Quotes from decades ago make it clear that cyber defenders then faced the same challenges we do today (and with a similar lack of success)."​

Who Says Cyber Warriors Need to Wear a Uniform?
By Butch Bracknell, Modern War Institute: "Gallons of ink have been spilled since the Department of Defense began exploring plans to permit cyber-qualified information technology specialists to join the military at ranks above entry-level and without undergoing entry-level military training."​

Options to Manage the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia's Nuclear Ambitions
By Joshua Urness, Divergent Options: "In a notional future the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Defense Ministry leadership are strongly advocating for initiating a domestic nuclear weapons development program and have begun discussing the issue at King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy."

Beijing's Anti-Satellite and Missile Defense Systems: A Threat to Its Neighbors
By Davis Florick, National Institute for Public Policy: "In recent years, Beijing's investments in missile defense and anti-satellite systems have stood in stark contrast to its sharp criticism of its rivals' initiatives in the same fields"

Compromising With Iran on International Security
By Thomas Buonomo, RealClearDefense: "It is highly improbable that Iran will compromise on demands from the U.S. and its allies that it halt the expansion of its ballistic missile capabilities or extend critical provisions of the current nuclear agreement."

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