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MORNING RECON: What the Military Gets in $1.3T Omnibus Spending Bill; The Marauder As an Asymmetric Operational Concept; The Army's GMV Competition

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Morning Recon

Good Friday morning and welcome to MORNING RECON.  On this day in 1951, Operation TOMAHAWK, the second airborne operation of the war and the largest in one day, involved 120 C-119s and C-46s, escorted by sixteen F-51s. The 314th TCG and the 437th TCW air transports flew from Taegu to Munsan-ni, an area behind enemy lines some twenty miles northwest of Seoul, and dropped the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team and two Ranger companies-more than 3,400 men and 220 tons of equipment and supplies. 
Today's Top Stories


Trump Technology Tariffs Against China Designed to Protect U.S. Military Advantage
By Ben Werner, USNI News: "Significantly, the tech-industry representative standing with Trump at the White House signing ceremony was Marillyn Hewson, president and chief executive officer of Lockheed Martin, the defense contractor building the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, among other Department of Defense weapons programs. Trump handed Hewson the pen used to sign the order."

What to Expect From John Bolton at the White House
By Michael Green, the interpreter: "President Donald Trump's announcement that former UN Ambassador John Bolton will be the new U.S. National Security Advisor will send tremors through some allied capitals."

Rethinking Intel in The Age of Trump: DNI Coats & PDDNI Gordon
By James Kitfield, Breaking Defense: "We think by focusing on just four lines of effort we will streamline our processes, and also encourage decision-making at lower levels, where it can actually have the most strategic impact."

Here's What the Military Gets in $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill
By Richard Sisk, Military.com: "The Navy gets 14 new ships, including a carrier; the Air Force adds 56 F-35s; the Army gets 17 Apache and 11 Lakota helicopters; the Marine Corps receives 24 vertical landing F-35Bs, and the Coast Guard gets a long-needed icebreaker." ​

Congress Directs Army to Conduct Light Vehicle Competition in FY18
By Jen Judson, Defense News: "Congress is directing the U.S. Army to conduct a competition to procure its Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) as part of its fiscal 2018 omnibus spending bill released March 21."

Pentagon Cloud Bid Targeted by Congress Amid Amazon Concerns
By Naomi Nix, Ben Brody & Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg Quint: "Lawmakers charged with funding the Pentagon have asked the Defense Department to justify why the agency is planning to give a single company a multi-year contract for cloud services worth billions of dollars."

Senior DoD Technologist Favors Kinetic Boost-Phase Intercepts
By Daniel Wasserbly, IHS Jane's 360: "Using missiles to intercept other missiles during their boost phase is a more promising near-term solution than directed-energy weapons, according to Michael Griffin, the U.S. Department of Defense's (DoD's) first undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering."

Military Communications Satellites That DoD Did Not Request
By Sandra Erwin, SpaceNews: "In a surprise last-minute add-on, House appropriators included $600 million in the Air Force budget for two high-capacity communications satellites made by Boeing that the Pentagon did not request."

Why the U.S. Is More Vulnerable to Cyberattack
By Anonymous, The Cipher Brief: "HOMELAND GETS REAL: Eagle-eyed viewers of the Showtime TV series "Homeland" who are also national security experts – might have noticed in the most recent episode a small part played by the former head of the National Clandestine Service (and Cipher Brief expert) Mike Sulick ..."


U.S. Designates ISIS Chemical Weapons Expert From France As Terrorist

By Thomas Joscelyn, FDD's Long War Journal: "State says that Asperman works as "a senior chemical weapons expert for ISIS" and "oversaw chemical operations production within Syria for ISIS and the deployment of these chemical weapons at the battlefront.""

Army Holds Its First Comprehensive Live-fire Drills on Okinawa in a Decade

By Matthew M. Burke, Stars and Stripes: "While such training isn't new — it takes place yearly on the small-unit level — this was 10th RSG's largest and most comprehensive effort on Okinawa in years."

Record Number of U.S. Marines to Train in Australia in Symbolic Challenge to China

By Colin Packham, Reuters: "Payne said 1,587 U.S. Marines will spend six months training in Australia's remote north, an increase of nearly 27 percent on its 2017 rotation for the program known as the Force Posture Initiatives."


Making Good on the NSS and NDS: Competing with Russia in Europe and Beyond​
By John R. Deni, Strategic Studies Institute: "Both of these documents call for a fundamental shift in the U.S. approach to security, emphasizing competition against Russia and China at the expense of what some may argue has been a myopic focus on eradicating transnational terrorism."

The Marauder As an Asymmetric Operational Concept
By Chris Flaherty, Small Wars Journal: "The argument taken here is that even though the marauders' tactics and weapons can be commonplace, its actions nevertheless falls into the realm of asymmetric operations as its motivations and intent operate outside of the conventional realm of possibilities."

Why the U.S. Is More Vulnerable to Cyberattack
By Ross Rustici, Warrior Maven: "The United States' geography has fundamentally shifted. No other country in the world can claim that their continuous territory has remained free from foreign adversaries in the last 200 years while actively engaging in multiple conflicts."

How DoD Can Integrate Cyber Into Battle Plans​
By Mark Pomerleau, Fifth Domain: "The Department of Defense is continuing to ingrate cyber planning and effects into traditional military operations as Cyber Command nears elevation to a unified combatant command."

What Pakistan Needs from America's Afghan War Effort
By Touqir Hussain, The National Interest: "Problems between the two countries are long-standing, and neither occupies the moral high ground in the eyes of the other: the United States regards Pakistan as a two-faced ally, while Pakistanis have long dwelled on the recurring pattern of America's betrayal and abandonment."

Cross-Strait Tensions Rising, but Chinese Aircraft Carrier Poses No Threat
By Euan Graham, the interpreter: "Addressing China's National People's Congress, President Xi Jinping warned Taiwan that it would be "punished by history" if it declares independence."

The Egyptian Riddle
By Clifford D. May, The Washington Times: "As we should have learned over recent years: Elections alone do not a democracy make. So start with human rights, the most basic being freedom of religion and belief."

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