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Morning Volt for 03/28/2018 

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Morning Volt

Stop the Bleeding. Preserve the Coal Fleet.

Matthew Kandrach, RealClearEnergy

With almost 600 coal plants shut down since 2010, we are racing towards a grid reliability crisis of our own making. Millions of Americans are at risk of electricity price spikes from a loss of energy diversity.Cheap natural gas, in conjunction with a regulatory onslaught on the coal industry, has reduced coal's share of our electricity mix to 30 percent down from 50 percent little more than a decade ago. The loss of coal plants, long the foundation of our electricity system, is coming at a high cost. It has already resulted in the loss oftens of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions...

Trump Isn't Waging War on Science. He Doesn't Care

Roger Pielke Jr., The Guardian

The first time the word science appeared in a tweet by Donald Trump was on 13 September 2012, long before he became US president, when he wrote: Wake Up America! See article: Israeli Science: Obama Birth Certificate is a Fake'. Since becoming president, Trump has not mentioned the words science or technology in his tweets, reflecting not so much disdain for these issues but an abject lack of interest.After the 2016 election, the benign neglect of science policy was not an option anticipated by many, including Jack Stilgoe and me on this blog (though Robert...

Anybody Recall the Media Looking at Gina McCarthy's Expenses?

Jazz Shaw, HA

The media has certainly been interested in the travel costs associated with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, his staff and security team. Just yesterday the Washington Post ran a breathless article titled, Travel costs for EPA chief's security detail topped $30,000 on Italy trip. There's nothing wrong with the media keeping tabs on expenditures by government officials, of course. We want someone looking out for the taxpayer's dime. Of course, we would expect that the coverage be somewhat fair and balanced.In the WaPo article, they made the Italy trip sound like some sort of sightseeing...

How Trump, Bolton, and Pompeo Pushed Oil Prices Higher

Ellen R. Wald, Forbes

The oil market went up last week even as the equities markets fell drastically. Earlier in the week, oil prices reacted positively to news from the Energy Information Administration that showed a larger than expected decrease in stored crude oil in the United States. Then, on Thursday and Friday, oil markets reacted to the dismissal of National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and the appointment of John Bolton as the new Nastional Security Advisor with a significant jump.Brent oil passed the $70 per barrel mark on Friday and WTI, the American benchmark, surged above $65 per barrel. Bolton,...

Countering the False Narrative Around Regulatory Rollbacks

Mark Green, The Hill

Let's correct a false narrative out there, that the Trump administration is rolling back natural gas and oil regulation to benefit industry. A different view is that federal officials are deploying smarter, more efficient, more effective regulation of industry operations, onshore and offshore which will work best to ensure the safe and well-managed energy development America needs for economic growth and national security, today and well into the future. By smart, efficient and effective regulation we mean clear, commonsense rules that take into account industry's innovation, advanced...

US Energy Markets: The Real Russian Meddling

H. Sterling Burnett, AmSpec

Who is actively fighting to ensure government policies shutter U.S. nuclear energy facilities; keep domestic coal, natural gas, and oil in the ground; force up energy prices through taxes and regulations; and endanger national security by installing wind farms near military bases? If you answered, the Sierra Club and its allies, you're correct, though you might be surprised to find that one of the latter is the Russian government.The U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology recently issued a report detailing attempts by the Russian government to disrupt...

Russians Are Hacking Our Grid. Where's the Urgency?

Suedeen Kelly, USA Today

There can no longer be any doubt: In a warning issued March 15, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI confirmed that Russian hackers have infiltrated the U.S. electric grid and may well have the ability to shut down our power plants at will.It is unlikely that they could shut down the entire grid at once, or that they could wreak life-threatening havoc at our well-secured nuclear plants. But neither of those things are necessary to cause major economic damage, social unrest and threats to public health and safety. In reality, taking out a dozen large power plants in key locations...

Climate Change Offers Opportunities for Insurers

Matt Sheehan, Reinsurance News

Moody's has suggested that the effects of climate changes may present many opportunities for re/insurers to expand their operations by introducing new products, expanding existing ones, and by closing the protection gap.A recent report by the company predicts that insurance will likely become a more widespread part of comprehensive risk adaptation strategies as the financial and economic risks associated with climate change become more pronounced, and as governments, businesses and individuals become more aware of these risks.Moody's notes that there remains a vast untapped market of...

Invisible Leaks: Where Clean Natural Gas Falls Short

Dan Boyce, Inside Energy

New technologies, including fracking, have transformed the natural gas industry over the last decade, bringing down utility bills and creating countless jobs and other opportunities in shale fields around the country. Plus, the federal Energy Information Administration reports our natural gas boom is bringing down carbon emissions in the United States more than any other factor.Yet, there's a hitch. Natural gas it's a gas. It leaks. That leaking, which happens where natural gas is drilled, where it's stored and where it's piped, threatens to undermine the climate benefits of this...

Oil Hits Six-Week High With Iran, OPEC, Inventory Worries

Ayenat Mersie, Reuters

Oil hit a six-week high on Wednesday, closing in on a 3-year peak set in late January, on a surprise decline in U.S. inventories, strong compliance on OPEC production cuts, and persistent concern related to the Iran nuclear deal.Brent crude futures LCOc1 rose $2.05, or 3 percent, to settle at $69.47, nearly a 7-week high.U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures CLc1 gained $1.63, or 2.6 percent, to settle at $65.17, their highest since Feb. 2.Those increases put both benchmarks into technically overbought territory for the first time since January, and boosted the premium of the Brent...

California Taught China to Sell EVs

Mark Chediak, John Lippert, Ying Tian, Bloomberg

California wants 5 million emission-free cars on the road by 2030. China, with a far larger population, wants 7 million electric vehicles by 2025. California has a cap-and-trade program to limit emissions from power plants, factories and fuel suppliers. China is launching a cap-and-trade system to lower fuel consumption and cut reliance on oil imports.While the liberal and authoritarian politics of California and China are a study in contrasts, both places are taking a top-down approach to combating climate change by forcing a shift in energy and transportation. China, in fact, has...

US Electricity: Natural Gas, Coal Fall as Renewables Rise

Melissa C. Lott, SA

While natural gas and coal continued to lead U.S. electricity generation, both declined in 2017. This marks the first time since 2008 that generation from both of these fossil fuels dropped in the same year.At the same time, renewables especially hydropower, wind, and solar continued to rise according to new data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).Natural gas has been the leading fuel that is used for electricity generation in the United States since 2015 when it surpassed coal in the generation mix. According to data from the EIA, coal power has been on the decline...
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