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MORNING RECON: F-35's 'Drone-Like' Targeting;  Making the U.S. Navy Great Again; Winning the Hypersonic Technology Race; Iran Warns of Naval Power 

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Morning Recon

Good Monday morning and welcome to MORNING RECON.  On this day in 1945, less than two weeks after taking over as president after the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman gives a tongue-lashing to Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov. The incident indicated that Truman was determined to take a "tougher" stance with the Soviets than his predecessor had.

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GOP Foreign Policy Opinion in the Trump Era
By Colin Dueck, Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI): "The great majority of Republican voters have no affection for Putin's Russia. Nor is the base of the GOP overwhelmingly hostile toward free trade."

The Senate's Blind Spot on Terrorism in Yemen
By Alexandra N. Gutowski, RealClearDefense: "Although the long-standing CT campaign is a distinct line of effort from the Saudi-led offensive against the Houthis, the two conflicts are inextricably linked."

CIA Releases Morell Memo Clearing Haspel on Destroyed Tapes
From The Cipher Brief: "Morell's review concluded that the decision was taken by Rodriguez alone, and that Haspel was acting "appropriately in her role as Mr. Rodriguez's chief of staff, including her efforts to press for and facilitate a resolution of the matter, as well as in her drafting a cable that authorized the destruction of the tapes.""

The F-35's 'Drone-Like' Targeting and Sensor Capabilities
By Kris Osborn, Warrior Maven: ""The F-35s ability to integrate with air, ground and sea platforms is there. We do missions at Edwards AFB where we integrate with aircraft carriers and destroyers," Lt. Col. Tucker Hamilton, F-35 Test Director, Edwards AFB, told reporters."

A Test for Air Force Space Technology Buyers: Fast Prototyping
By Sandra Erwin, SpaceNews: "The Air Force will use fast prototyping in the development of new ground-control and data processing software for the Space Based Infrared System."

Air Force to Put Sensors on Allies' Satellites
By Marcus Weisgerber, Defense One: "The U.S. Air Force is planning to put sensors on allies' satellites to boost deterrence, increase resiliency — and simply get them to orbit sooner."

Pentagon Aims to Win Global Race for New Hypersonic Technologies
By Oriana Pawlyk, Military.com: ""The Air Force is using prototyping to explore the art of the possible and to advance these technologies to a capability as quickly as possible," spokeswoman Ann Stefanek said in a statement."

Navy, Marine Leadership Looking at LPD Flight II Missiles
By Megan Eckstein, USNI News: "Navy and Marine Corps leaders are mulling if and how to up-gun the San Antonio-class LPD Flight II ships."


U.S., AFGHANISTAN: ISIS-K Claims Another Deadly Strike in Kabul
By Thomas Joscelyn, FDD's Long War Journal: "The Islamic State quickly claimed responsibility for the attack, identifying the bomber as Qari' Umar al-Peshawari, a nom de guerre that implies he was from Peshawar, Pakistan."

U.S., IRAN: Iran Navy Chief: U.S. Is Not Aware of Our Naval Power
From Al Jazeera: "Rear-Admiral Ali Fadawi says Iran's navy is capable of delivering 'crushing response' to enemies anywhere in the world."

U.S., RUSSIA: Russia: U.S. Did Not Violate Red Lines During Syria Strikes
By Vladimir Isachenkov, AP: "Through security partnerships in the region, the United States is successfully building a robust community of women, peace, and security practitioners."​

RUSSIA: Russian Navy Receives Upgraded Ballistic Missile Sub
By Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat: "The Russian Navy took delivery of an upgraded Project 667 BDRM Delta IV-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBN) this month, according to Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Yuri Borisov."


Navigating Human Terrain with GPS (Gender, Peace, and Security) in Western Africa
By Arnel P. David & Hilary Matfess, RealClearDefense: "Through security partnerships in the region, the United States is successfully building a robust community of women, peace, and security practitioners."

Russian and Chinese Hypersonic Glide Vehicles: Closing the Gap
By Davis Florick, NIPP: "Moscow and Beijing have reportedly broached the possibility of arming HGVs with conventional or nuclear munitions thus complicating how the U.S., allies, and partners might handle a crisis situation."

China's AI Talent 'Arms Race'
By Elsa B. Kania, The Strategist (ASPI): "Perhaps, the real 'arms race' in artificial intelligence (AI) is not military competition but the battle for talent."

Countering China's Militarization of the Indo-Pacific
By Michael J. Green & Andrew Shearer, War on the Rocks: "Two weeks ago, Australians were startled by media reports that China intended to establish a military base in Vanuatu."

North Korea's Nuclear Test Ban: Practical As Much As Political
By Morris Jones, the interpreter: "The weekend announcement of a freeze on North Korean nuclear and missile tests appears stunning. The political implications are profound, yet the decision is also influenced by practical developments."

Like Vietnam, it is Time to Cut Our Loses in Afghanistan
By Chad M. Pillai, Small Wars Journal: "While the Vietnam War was a near-term strategic defeat, in retrospect, it may yet prove to have been a geo-strategic win. The same may prove true for Afghanistan after a U.S. withdrawal."

How to Run a Cyber War…Game
By Michael Sulmeyer & Dmitri Alperovitch, The Cipher Brief: "While decision-makers search for the best recommendations for how to handle a national security crisis, they also must contend with how whatever they do or don't do will be viewed in the media."

American Military History From the Colonial Era to the Twenty-First Century
By Mark Bernhardt, Strategy Bridge: "As the twentieth century progressed, generally Americans embraced the U.S. role as a global power."

How to Make the U.S. Navy Great Again
By Roger Wicker & Jerry Hendrix, The National Interest: "It is imperative that America's fleet reach 355 ships within the next ten years. There is, in fact, a path to achieve this goal that is both achievable and affordable."
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