2018年4月26日 星期四

MORNING RECON: GAO: F-35's Challenges in Pacific; Misleading Missile Defense Claims; Modernizing NATO's Nuclear Capabilities; N. Korea's Secret Weapon

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Morning Recon

Good Thursday morning and welcome to MORNING RECON.  On this day in 2003, Operation Warrior Sweep involved a deployment of about 1,000 soldiers of the Afghan National Army, together with U.S.-led coalition troops, in the Zormat Valley region and the 3,260 meter-high peaks of the Ayubkhel Valley in the southern Paktia province in Afghanistan.The operation was in response to intelligence reports that some Taliban and al-Qaeda operatives were active in the area. It marked the first major combat operation for the Afghan troops. 

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Trump's Defense-Industrial Base Review Coming Mid-may
By Aaron Mehta, Defense News: ""What comes up and is quite alarming ― and you will see in the unclassified portion, which should be coming out around May 15 ― is we have an amazing amount of dependency on China," Ellen Lord said."

Pentagon Classifies Study of F-35 Jet's Challenges in Pacific
By Anthony Capaccio, Bloomberg: "An unclassified version of the study released on Wednesday suggests the problems with the Lockheed Martin Corp. fighter -- which would bolster U.S. capabilities in case of a conflict with North Korea -- could be significant, touching on both critical software and supply chain issues."

Navy's Ship-to-Shore Connector-Amphibious Warfare Gamechanger
By Kris Osborn, Warrior Maven: "The Navy's first newly built Ship-to-Shore Connector maritime warfare craft has launched on the water, introducing a new era in modern amphibious warfare for the Marines."

Super Hornet Production Could Extend Well Into the Next Decade
By Peter Diekmeyer, IHS Jane's 360: ""After having to endure the damage of several years of sequestration we are encouraged by the (multi)-year plans going forward.""

CNO: Lessons From Zumwalt-Class Key to Next Surface Combatant
By Sam LaGrone, USNI News: "Richardson said capabilities like the propulsion system and low observability to radars inherent in the Zumwalt design would be key to the future surface combatant."

Importance of Human-Machine Teaming for Ground Forces
By Connie Lee, National Defense Magazine: "Robotics, artificial intelligence and augmentation technology is expected to rapidly advance, the study states, and investments made by the private sector are expected to subsequently inform how the military leverages this technology."

Colonel in 'Dino Puppet' Video Speaks: 'I Was Given a Death Sentence'
By Oriana Pawlyk, Military.com: ""My analogy to all of this is I ran a stop sign," he said during a phone call. "I should have probably stopped the ceremony. That was bad judgment, I one hundred percent admit that.""


U.S., SOUTH KOREA: War Games to Be Suspended During Summit With N. Korea​​
By Kim Gamel, Stars and Stripes: ""The military will exert all efforts to ensure stable support for the inter-Korean summit," the U.S.-led Combined Forces Command and South Korea's military said in a joint statement."


Modernizing NATO's Nuclear Capabilities
By Daniel Gouré, RealClearDefesne: "Russian leaders have repeatedly sought to intimidate NATO by threatening the first use of nuclear weapons in the event of a conflict."

One-Third Up the Escalation Ladder
By Paul Bracken, Second Line of Defense: "One of the main reasons the outbreak of World War I was such a surprise to everyone was that the preceding two decades had seen repeated political crises where there was a show of force – but no actual combat between the major powers."

Misleading Missile Defense Claims are Inaccurate and Dangerous
By David Mann, RealClearDefesne: "While American missile defenses are not perfect, it would be a mistake to allow these crucial systems to be derailed when there is overwhelming evidence of their effectiveness."

Were the French Really Doomed to Defeat in 1940?
By Louis-Guilhem Larchet, Strategy Bridge: "France holds a unique place in the collective military psyche. Once the military paragon of Europe, the French seem to have been doomed to an inexorable decline since Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo."

North Korea's Secret Weapon: An Electromagnetic Storm
By James Stavridis, Bloomberg Quint: "While the science of EMPs is not fully settled — largely because it is impossible to test on a grand scale — there is plenty of credible evidence that they constitute a real threat, especially in the context of North Korea. "

Defend the 'Rules-Based Order' in Asia at Any Cost?
By Hugh White, The Strategist: "Against an adversary like China, the alternative to appeasement is a high risk of war on a major scale."

Australia's Chinese Ballistic Missile Problem
By Peter Layton, the interpreter: "Late last year in Australia, there was sudden interest shown in ballistic missile defence (BMD). Although the driver was North Korea's missile testing, the real issue is China."

By Patrick Collins, Small Wars Journal: "Operating in a complex environment of authorities, resources and threats, SOCNORTH does more with less by cooperating on an enhanced basis with the interagency and law enforcement, as well as partner and allied nations."

An Inflection Point for Scientific and Technical Intelligence
By Brian Holmes & Max Greenlee, War on the Rocks: "A seemingly obscure term mentioned in President Donald Trump's National Security Strategy portends a long-overdue shift in the way the United States prioritizes intelligence support in the strategic environment."

Artificial Intelligence: Welcome to the Age of Disruptive Surprise
By Bruce E. Pease, The Cipher Brief: "I spent a career in intelligence learning the business of forecasting and warning, and I teach those things today. I learned that warning is easier than forecasting—usually, you warn of vulnerabilities and possibilities, but you forecast likelihoods."
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