2018年4月18日 星期三

MORNING RECON: The Navy's F-35 Has a New Weapon; CIA Director Pompeo Met With Kim Jong-un; China's Undersea Warfare Power via Stolen U.S. Technology

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Morning Recon

Good Wednesday morning and welcome to MORNING RECON.  On this day in 1943, an aircraft carrying the Commander of the Japanese Combined Fleet, Admiral Yamamoto, is shot down by P-38 Lighting fighters over Bougainville. Yamamoto is killed. This action is the result the interception of a coded Japanese message announcing a visit by Yamamoto. The Japanese fail to deduce that their codes are insecure.

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The Washington Post's Greg Jaffe Moderates Dr. Victor Cha and Dr. David Kang
Today's Top Stories


Trump's New Drone, Defense Export Rules Expected This Week
By Valerie Insinna & Aaron Mehta, Defense News: "The Trump administration this week is expected to announce new guidance on the export of defense equipment, as well as new rules loosening restrictions on drone exports, all as part of a broader push by President Donald Trump to encourage growth in the defense industrial base."

Thornberry Proposes Eliminating DISA
By Amber Corrin, C4ISRNET: "In proposed legislation unveiled April 17, Thornberry outlined plans that would close DISA by January 1, 2021, transferring all IT contracting, acquisition services and senior leader communications functions to "other elements of the Department of Defense.""

SMC 2.0:: Air Force Begins Major Acquisition Reorganization
By Sandra Erwin, SpaceNews: "The first big test for SMC 2.0 will be the next-generation missile-warning constellation that will replace the current Space Based Infrared System."

Air Force Operationally Debuts JASSM-ER
By Robin Hughes, IHS Jane's 360: "The U.S. Air Force (USAF) has operationally debuted its Lockheed Martin AGM-158B Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile - Extended Range (JASSM-ER) missile during allied weapons strikes against Syrian chemical weapons research and storage facilities."

Air Force Teams With NRO For Secret SSA Bird
By Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense: "The original Request For Information (RFI) for ESBMC2 makes clearer how close the system's ties are to the National Reconnaissance Office, secretive builder and operator of America's spy satellites, and to what is now known as the National Space Defense Center, formerly called JICSpOC."

The Navy's F-35 Has a New Weapon
By Dave Majumdar, The National Interest: "This is no longer an aberration, it is the latest in a pattern of attacks by not only Syria, but North Korea, Russia, and ISIS."

The Air Force Reserve: Then and Now
By Kris Osborn, Military.com: "They engaged in air-to-air combat again Hitler's Nazi forces, flew dangerous missions over fortified enemy territory against North Korea in the 1950s, and mobilized for the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. We're talking about the members of the Air Force Reserve, a long-time element of the U.S. armed forces now reaching its 70th anniversary."


CIA Director Pompeo Met With North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un

From The Washington Post: "The extraordinary meeting between one of Trump's most trusted emissaries and the authoritarian head of a rogue state was part of an effort to lay the groundwork for direct talks between Trump and Kim about North Korea's nuclear weapons program, according to the two people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the highly classified nature of the talks."

China Bolsters Undersea Warfare Power Through Stolen U.S. Technology

By Wyatt Olson, Stars and Stripes: "China is eroding America's advantage in potential undersea warfare in part by stealing U.S. technology through hacking defense contractors and infiltrating academia, the Navy admiral nominated to lead U.S. Pacific Command said Tuesday."

U.S., SYRIA: Strikes Raise Threat to U.S. Troops in Syria
By Jack Detsch, Al-Monitor: "The strikes came as U.S. troops, whom the Pentagon says are in-country to stop the resurgence of the Islamic State, already face increasing risks of getting enmeshed in the wider civil war."


A Norm in Crisis: Implications of Persistent Chemical Weapons Use
By Natasha Lander, RealClearDefense: "This is no longer an aberration, it is the latest in a pattern of attacks by not only Syria, but North Korea, Russia, and ISIS."

Army Needs to Maintain Momentum on APS Technologies
By Daniel Gouré, RealClearDefense: "To counter a clearly aggressive threat armed with ample anti-tank weaponry, all U.S. armored fighting vehicles deployed to Europe should be equipped with an APS system as soon as possible."

Congress Should Pursue Pentagon Business Reforms
By Frederico Bartels, The Heritage Foundation: "The Department of Defense needs to be a good steward of taxpayers' dollars, regardless of future levels of the defense budget.IS."

U.S. & Japan Can Counter Chinese A2/AD
By Takuya Shimodaira, Proceedings Magazine: "Chinese anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capabilities in the Indo-Pacific region are alarming.  China seeks to wield its growing might to challenge the stable international order in the region with weapons that range from anti-ship cruise missiles to advanced submarines and even a rapidly growing and assertive coast guard."

Will Australia Defend the 'Rules-Based Order' in Asia?
By Nick Bisley & Benjamin Schreer, The Strategist (ASPI): "Is Australia prepared to pursue policies alongside its U.S. ally and others that reflect a new mix of competition and cooperation, with the balance tilting towards the former?"

'Denuclearization': More Than Just Two Divergent Conceptions
By Cheon Seong Whun, Small Wars Journal: "While South Korea and the United States' denuclearization means the two Koreas' renunciation of nuclear weapons programs and nothing more, North Korea's denuclearization aims at prohibiting South Korea's nuclear development, pushing American forces out of the peninsula, and breaking up the ROK-U.S. alliance."

Marines Need 360-Degree Evals
By William Schick, Proceedings Magazine: "As efficient as this system is, it has one critical shortcoming: PES is entirely reliant on the opinions of senior-ranking officers."

Bombers over Tokyo: The Strategic Importance of Doolittle's Raid
By Chris Byrd, Strategy Bridge: "The Doolittle Raid's place among the time-honored traditions of courageous military action is secure, but its impact on America's ultimate victory in the Pacific remains unclear."

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