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Morning Volt for 04/18/2018 

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Morning Volt

Energy Transitions? Not So Fast.

Quinn Connelly, RealClearEnergy

Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel laureate in Economics, wrote a bestseller called Thinking, Fast & Slow. The book describes System 1 thinking, which is fast and automatic, and System 2 thinking, which is slow and deliberate. This framework can be used to understand two of today's most prominent energy experts: David G. Victor and Vaclav Smil.Vaclav Smil is perhaps the world's premier thinker on all things energy, and when it comes to the pace of upcoming energy transitions his thinking is slow. By contrast, David G. Victor is in the fast camp. Victor recently published a policy...

Oil Industry Climate Fight Expands to Colorado

Ben Geman, Axios

Local officials in Colorado will announce litigation Tuesday against large oil companies over the effects of climate change, according to a report in the Boulder Daily Camera and a source familiar with the plan.The litigation from Boulder and San Miguel Counties and the city of Boulder signals that the current spate of climate lawsuits against fossil fuel companies is moving beyond high-profile cases in California and New York, which have focused largely on damages from sea-level rise.

Top Trump Energy Adviser Resigns

Timothy Cama & Miranda Green, The Hill

President Trump's top adviser for energy and environment policy is stepping down.Michael Catanzaro, who has headed domestic energy and environment issues at the White House's National Economic Council (NEC), plans to leave next week and return to CGCN Group, the law and lobbying firm where he previously worked.The White House confirmed the move Tuesday, which was first reported by Greenwire. Catanzaro has worked at the White House since February 2017.

Dragging an Energy Bill From the Ashes

Jeremy Dillon, Roll Call

Amid a forest of judicial appointments and other Trump administration confirmation votes, lawmakers pushing a bipartisan energy and natural resources bill in the Senate are still taking whacks in hope of moving legislation or parts of it before the end of this Congress.The bill would represent the first major energy policy update in a decade, with provisions to bolster cybersecurity, speed up permits for energy infrastructure and promote energy efficiency. It could represent a rare opportunity for energy-state lawmakers to bring home some policy victories ahead of the midterm...

Electricity Industry on Collision Course With FCC

John Siciliano, Wash. Examiner

The electricity industry is fighting for more access to increasingly valuable airwaves that it needs to keep the lights on and run and recharge the increasing amount of devices and tech toys tied to the Internet.The industry has renewed its 20-year battle for the government to recognize its need for equal access to the radio frequency bandwidth in the electromagnetic spectrum, as energy management requires more machine-to-machine communication between customers and electricity providers.For example, power grid operators need to be able to communicate with rooftop solar arrays to send signals...

Court Rules Exxon Must Provide Docs in Climate Probe

Alanna Durkin Richer, USN

Exxon Mobil must hand over documents related to a state investigation into whether the company misled investors and consumers about what it knew about the link between fossil fuels and climate change, Massachusetts' highest court ruled Friday.The Supreme Judicial Court rejected Exxon Mobil's attempt to stymie Attorney General Maura Healey's probe into whether it concealed information about the impact of climate change from the public."Now Exxon must come forward with the truth, what it knew about climate change, when, and what it told the world," the Democratic attorney general said in a...

Tesla's War With the Media

Ryan Felton & Patrick George, Jalopnik

Over the past year, as Tesla has struggled to ramp up production of the Model 3 sedan, the company has made it a priority to slam news outlets that report on its alleged labor violations and manufacturing woes. On Monday, the PR strategy became utterly unhinged. The implication has become clear to reporters everywhere, one that feeds off the hardcore fanbase's suspicions: If you're not a booster for Tesla, you're part of some attempt to undermine it.Tesla is known to vigorously defend its image by relying on an aggressive media strategy that involves issuing exceedingly long statements that,...

Shell's Climate Liability Threat Goes Global

Tristan Brown, Seeking Alpha

Can non-shareholder private entities force oil and gas companies to accept lower returns on capital? Investors in Royal Dutch Shell will receive an answer to this question if an environmental NGO moves forward with a threatened lawsuit in the Netherlands that would require the company to do exactly that.Notably, Shell recently committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 50% through 2050 via billions of dollars of investments in renewable energy capacity. The NGO in question, Friends of the Earth Netherlands (aka Milieudefensie), deems this effort insufficient and insists that the...

Tesla Model 3 Just May Be Worth the Wait

Robert Duffer, Chicago Tribune

The Tesla Model 3 is the most hyped car since the days of the Model T. Since it was unveiled in June 2016, more than a half-million people have deposited $1,000 to reserve their Model 3 sight unseen, drive untested. But with deliveries to customers moving at Model T pace, the hype has waned to skepticism.The so-called electric vehicle for the masses didn't reach its first real-world customer until December 2017. New-to-Tesla owners who want the entry-level model will have to wait until the first quarter of 2019. At best.With so many other affordable long-range electric vehicles coming to...

Transportation Now Rivals Electricity as CO2 Source

Jean Chemnick, E&E News

EPA's greenhouse gas inventory released yesterday shows that the transportation and electricity sectors now supply about the same amount of U.S. carbon dioxide emissions.In 2016, the latest year for which data is available, fossil fuel-generated power and transportation each supplied about 34 percent of total U.S. CO2 emissions, according to the annual EPA report. Industry was a distant third at 15 percent.Electricity has historically been the chief source of CO2 emissions, but shifts from coal to lower-carbon fuels, especially natural gas, have shrunk its share of the total carbon dioxide...

BP Commits to Zero Net Emissions Growth

Jordan Blum, Houston Chronicle

BP said Monday that it will hold greenhouse gas emissions from its operations at or below its 2015 levels in the years ahead as the world's biggest oil companies prepare for a lower carbon future that could threaten their businesses.The British oil major released an Advancing the Energy Transition report that detailed its plans to reduce its pollution levels, especially its emissions of methane, the main component of natural gas and a potent greenhouse gas. Controlling methane emissions, which escape from wells and pipelines, is gaining more attention in the energy sector as BP and...

Zero Recalls Bikes for Potential Battery Fire Issue

InsideEVs, InsideEVs

Electric Motorcycle purveyor Zero has just announced a product recall for more than 200 2012 model year machines. Sadly, unlike previous Zero recalls this one can't be fixed via a firmware update. The current recall stems from what Zero claims is an issue with the cell pouches inside the bikes' battery packs. As the packs rub up against its housing/holder, wear can occur overtime which allows humidity to get inside the pouch and cause a potential electrical short within the batterya problem that can reportedly cause a fire.
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