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Morning Volt

This is a story about DOERS, small businesses, and the billions Chevron spends with them. Watch the video to hear the whole story.

Macron Will Likely Succeed in Getting Trump Back Into Paris

Tom Rogan, WE

Addressing Congress on Tuesday, President Emmanuel Macron of France lauded the Paris climate accord which President Trump withdrew from last year."I'm sure, one day, the United States will come back and join the Paris agreement," Macron said, continuing, "And I'm sure we can work together to fulfill with you the ambitions of the global compact on the environment." Macron concluded, "Let us face it: There is no Planet B."I suspect Macron will succeed in persuading Trump to rejoin a modified deal.

Climate Change As a Flawed Social Movement

Amy Harder, Axios

Speaking at an Axios event Tuesday, Al Gore likened climate change activism to a suite of other morally driven movements such as gay rights and abolishing slavery but sociology experts say climate is unique in a way that makes it harder to rally around.Why it matters: For all the debate around climate change, Congress has never passed comprehensive legislation on the matter since it became a public concern decades ago. Climate is also not a top priority compared to other issues for most Americans.

First Pruitt Went After Scientists, Now It's the Science Itself

Umair Irfan, Vox

At a barely publicized event Tuesday with no reporters present, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt signed a new directive aimed at increasing transparency in science.The announcement poses a fundamental challenge to the agency's work as a regulator by instituting new restrictions on the scientific findings used by the EPA.It's reducing the pool of science the agency can use, said Christopher Zarba, who retired earlier this year from the EPA as the coordinator of the agency's science advisory boards.

The 'America-First Offshore Energy Strategy' Could Bottom Out

Gerard Scimeca, WT

President Trump has admirably prioritized America's energy assets, declaring his administration's goal of creating an era of American energy dominance. But as things stand today, the biggest obstacle to Mr. Trump's vision is spoiler alert President Trump, thanks to his ill-conceived and hasty action to order a 25 percent tariff on imported steel products.American oil and natural gas production is a steel-intensive industry and relies almost exclusively on specialized steel that U.S. steelmakers no longer produce. If something isn't done to offer American energy producers access...

This Might Be Scott Pruitt's Most Destructive Move Yet

Rebecca Leber, MJ

Adopting a strategy successfully employed by the tobacco industry, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt announced a sweeping new regulation that would restrict the kinds of scientific studies the agency can use in developing its regulations. The EPA administrator, who has come under fire from both parties for his personal conduct and ethical scandals, announced the changes at an EPA event Tuesday, where he was surrounded by conservative allies and pollution skeptics. I know many of you here have supported this through a number of years, he told his...

High Oil Price Not the Albatross It Once Was for US Economy

Brenda Shaffer, TH

The global oil price is trading at its highest price in more than four years, and it seems that a number of additional price spikes are on the way, as instability and conflict affect several major oil producers.What has happened? The global oil market has tightened, allowing geopolitical risks to carry a super-sized impact. Many of these risks are exceptional such as a potential conflict between Iran and Israel in their capacity to threaten oil supplies.Now that the U.S. is the world's top oil producer, however, higher oil prices would have a mixed impact on the U.S. economy.

Business Risk Is Rising Up the Board's Agenda

Joe McGrath, Raconteur

Major scandals have traditionally been a precursor for regulators, companies and governments to rethink their approaches to corporate risk. It took a seismic event for risk approaches to be altered and for new protective measures to be adopted. In the early nineties, the collapse of FTSE 100-listed textile group Polly Peck, the Mirror Group pension scandal and the liquidation of BCCI led to the formation of the UK Corporate Governance Code. More recently, the 2008 financial crisis, which claimed Lehman Brothers, Northern Rock, Bradford & Bingley and many others, saw the code revised and...

Giant Windmills Are Making Clean Energy Mainstream

Reed, Snejbjerg, Degnbol, NYT

At the northern end of Denmark's Jutland peninsula, the wind blows so hard that rows of trees grow in one direction, like gnarled flags.The relentless weather over this long strip of farmland, bogs and mud flats and the real-world laboratory it provides has given the country a leading role in transforming wind power into a viable source of clean energy.After energy prices spiked during the 1973 oil crisis, entrepreneurs began building small turbines to sell here. It started out as an interest in providing power for my parents' farm, said Henrik Stiesdal, who designed and built...

A 10-Step Program for Cooking the Planet

James Conca, Forbes

It's not hard to cook our planet. All you have to do is stop thinking too hard, and repeat the same mistakes over and over. And don't listen to experts, since you can just Google it. In ten years, the climate will have taken its own path and we won't have much say about what happens after that.1. Underestimate the power of invention, and think of the future as a mere continuation of the past. Ignore how we are continuously reshaping the world around us, for better and for worse. In truth, we are always coming up with new ways to obtain and to use energy. Fracking is the most obvious. Walking...

California's Energy Choice

Ed Ring, City Journal

Glowing tributes to Governor Jerry Brown's environmental legacy obscure how long California has been proclaiming itself the leader in fighting climate change. The crusade began with Brown's predecessor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who promoted and signed the Global Warming Solutions Act in 2006, setting initial targets for greenhouse-gas reduction and empowering the California Air Resources Board to enforce compliance with laws and regulations aimed at achieving these goals. Other significant legislation followed. Senate Bill 107, also passed in 2006, mandated a renewable...

The Urgency of Curbing Pollution From Ships, Explained

J. Winebrake, J. Corbett, TC

The International Maritime Organization, a United Nations agency that regulates global shipping, is writing new rules to curb greenhouse gas emissions from ships by 2050 as it implements other regulations that will mandate cleaner-burning fuels at sea by 2020.As researchers who study the shipping industry, we have determined that the benefits of greener shipping outweigh the costs. Yet global environmental rule-making, implementation and enforcement take a long time, creating delays that can endanger public health and the environment.

A Natural Gas Crisis Looms Over Colombia

Matthew Smith, OilPrice.com

Colombia's energy sector is caught in a series of crises. The prolonged slump in oil since the end of 2014 saw investment in the sector, which is critical to the economy, collapse. This sparked a sharp downturn in oil production, causing the Colombian peso to weaken sharply and economic growth to stall.The twin threats of declining oil and gas reserves as well as production are weighing on the Andean nation's economic outlook. In a surprise move, Colombia was forced to start regular imports of liquified natural gas (LNG) in late 2017 because it was facing a severe shortage of gas in a nation...

Al Gore: Trump Won't Change His Mind on Paris Climate Deal

Amy Harder, Axios

Al Gore predicted at an Axios event Tuesday that President Trump won't reverse course about withdrawing America from the Paris climate deal.The insight from the former vice president and long-time climate activist offers a blunt state-of-play almost a year after Trump announced he would withdraw the U.S. from the Paris deal. At the time, and sporadically since then, Trump said he would re-enter the accord if he could get a better deal, but that prospect is much less likely now than it was then given key staff departures and administration priorities elsewhere.

Pruitt Support in Senate Erodes as GOP Seeks Hearings

Anthony Adragna, Politico

Scott Pruitt's wall of GOP support developed some new cracks on Monday, with three key Senate defenders calling for hearings into the embattled EPA administrator's recent controversies.The three, including staunch Pruitt ally Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla), all said they supported hearings by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee to look into the former Oklahoma attorney general's actions.
Chevron helps keep small businesses doing by spending billions with them. And, when one small business gets doing, it gets other DOERS doing, too. Watch the video to hear the whole story
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