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Morning Volt

Chevron and local partners are helping to provide DOERS with the hands-on technical training needed for today's jobs in the manufacturing and energy industries. Watch the video.

Trump Backs Developing Countries' Energy Plans

Matthew Summers, RCEnergy

If American, Japanese, and emerging economies' policymakers had hoped to pressure the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) to drop their policies of refusing to fund coal power projects, they were ultimately disappointed. Instead, the World Bank and IMF spring meeting ended on April 22 with the announcement that the World Bank's capital would see an increase of $13 billion to mobilize finance for development of countries in need of long-term sustainable growth. However, with coal energy seen as a major development enabler, Washington, Tokyo, and others can now be expected to lobby...

Pay Up, Fossil Fuel Industry

Bill McKibben, Sydney Morning Herald

For decades the fossil fuel industry has prioritised making money over the future of our planet.Whether it's been big oil in the US, or big coal in Australia, fossil fuel companies have deep pockets and unprecedented political influence.This industry has steamrolled over environmental protection using money, political donations and a revolving door between lobbyists and government to get polluting projects approved. Its slick public relations campaigns, meanwhile, parrot the line that fossil fuel jobs, energy security and profit more than compensate any damage done to the environment.

Wind, Solar Are Just Distractions. Use Nukes Instead.

Alex Berezow, ACSH

It's repeated so often, that it's become conventional wisdom. To sustainably meet our energy needs, the world requires a balanced "energy mix" or an "all-of-the-above" strategy: a little solar power here, a little wind power there, and toss in some hydrothermal, geothermal, and natural gas for good measure.That's nonsense, argues a new paper in the journal Sustainability. Instead of treating our energy policy like salad toppings at a buffet, let's just go full steam ahead on the one thing that could meet all of the world's energy needs right now: Nuclear power. The lead author, Barry Brook,...

Three Risks That Are Haunting Big Oil

Felicia Jackson, Forbes

In the UK, climate related risk has moved from the NGO agenda to that of asset managers. A recent survey reported that fund managers believe International Oil Companies (IOCs) will be negatively revalued within a few years due to climate change related risks.According to the report from the UK's Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) and the Climate Change Collaboration, 90% of fund managers expect at least one risk to impact significantly the valuation of IOCs within 2 years.

Local Governments Rebuked After Suing Oil Producers

Todd Shepherd, WFB

Three local governments in Colorado have launched a federal lawsuit similar to ones by cities like San Francisco and New York City alleging major oil producers knew as early as the 1980s that their products would cause environmental harm due to climate change and should create reparations funds.The New York Times hailed the development as a new milestone in the debate with the headline, "Climate Lawsuits, Once Limited to the Coasts, Jump Inland."However, the legal actions by the city and county of Boulder as well as San Miguel County, home to the ski resort town of Telluride, might be...

Calls for Fracking Ban Despite Natural Gas Emissions Drop

Seth Whitehead, Hill

Earth Day is coming up on Sunday, and environmentalists have much cause for celebration this year when it comes to U.S. emissions reductions. The latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data show U.S. carbon dioxide emissions have declined 13 percent since 2005, while overall greenhouse gas emissions are at their lowest levels since 1992. EPA data also show emissions of three air pollutants responsible for millions of deaths worldwide sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and fine particulate matter have also plummeted since 2005.

Al Gore Lectures on Going Green, Pulls Off In Gas-Powered Car

Chris White, TDC

Former Vice President Al Gore was caught using a gas-powered vehicle to leave a media event in Washington, D.C., after telling reporters Congress should remove oil companies' license to operate.Congress should absolutely pursue investigations against oil companies like ExxonMobil to prevent them from using our skies as open sewers, Gore told Axios co-founder Mike Allen. The former VP left the D.C. event in a Lincoln sedan shortly thereafter, perhaps on his way to the airport.Exxon has known for a long time about what its products do to the environment, Gore said, before calling...

Sweden Opens Road That Charges EVs Like Slot Cars

Bianca Britton, CNN

For anyone who used to play with slot cars as a child, Sweden's new electrified road might bring back some memories.In the first of its kind, the Scandinavian country is trialling the world's first public road which allows electric vehicles to recharge while driving. Similar to a slot-car track, vehicles are able to connect to an electric rail that's embedded into the road.Sweden has a goal of achieving a completely fossil fuel free vehicle fleet by 2030, so this electrified road is part of several projects the Swedish Transport Administration has created to develop and test technologies that...

India's Double Rush for EVs and Oil Refineries

Deborah Gordon & Smriti Kumble, LM

Last year, India announced its bold intention of electrifying the nation's automobile fleet by 2030. The reaction has been mixedelectric vehicles (EVs) are enticing to customers and strongly supported by environmentalists, but automakers and fuel suppliers are not fully on board. The eco-friendly and cheaper operation of EVs can help lower local air pollution and out-of-pocket costs for increasingly expensive petrol and diesel. These benefits are countered by higher upfront costs of the cars themselves and the long lines and need for more charging stations.The shift to EVs could also ease...

FirstEnergy Announces Nuclear Plant Closures

Akron Beacon Journal

FirstEnergy Solutions has put forth a timetable for its previously announced plan to permanently deactivate its three nuclear power stations.The power-generating subsidiary of Akron-based FirstEnergy Corp. said in a news release Wednesday that it spelled out a three-year plan in a letter filed with he U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.FES cited severe economic challenges in explaining its decision.

China's Top Refiners Cast Doubts on Optimism

Meng Meng, Josephine Mason, Reuters

Some of China's top refineries will shut in May and June for maintenance, cutting nationwide throughput by some 10 percent and dampening oil demand in the world's largest crude importer after record run levels in March, according to a Reuters survey.At least six state-owned and private refiners are planning a full annual maintenance shutdown in the second quarter for 30 days or more, including China's largest refiner Sinopec's Zhenhai unit, a Reuters survey of 11 plants showed.A slowdown in China's refining activity could result in lower Chinese imports of crude oil, which in turn could...

South Carolina AG Wants Energy Lawsuit Dismissed

Rochelle Dean, ABC

South Carolina is one of 15 states calling for the dismissal of a lawsuit against fossil fuel companies.Wednesday Attorney General Alan Wilson announced his plans to fight a lawsuit filed by the cities of Oakland and San Francisco against various energy and manufacturing companies.According to the lawsuit the companies are accused of contributing to climate change and should be declared a public nuisance. In a statement released Wednesday, Wilson said, we cannot let two California cities use the court system to set energy policy for the whole country and bypass our elected representatives...
See how Chevron with local partners are helping DOERS get the hands-on technical training needed for jobs in the energy and manufacturing industries.
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