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What can AI do for email marketers? Free Guide

Unlocking email's untapped potential -
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Unlocking email's untapped potential
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The Power of AI and Email
Best-in-class marketers are embracing artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, senders using AI are generating 41 percent more revenue than those embracing manual personalization.

By using AI-powered solutions, marketers can go beyond using best practice recommendations and tactics and employ actionable, customized solutions that solve issues and enable them to achieve the untapped potential of email.

In our latest guide, we've brought the concept of AI to life with some examples of how it can transform your email marketing program. We discuss:
What AI is
What AI can do for email marketers
The impact AI will have on the future of email marketing
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RealClearPolitics Today for 10/31/2018, presented by Gundry MD




RCP Front Page:

Trump Launches Operation Midterms Diversion

John Cassidy, The New Yorker

Why Dems Are Staying Silent About the Migrant Caravan

Michael Goodwin, NY Post

Trump's Rhetoric Enables Racially Violent Acts

Jamelle Bouie, Slate

Dems Are Hypocrites About Violent Political Rhetoric

Marc Thiessen, Washington Post

Trump's Plan to End Birthright Citizenship Is a Sham

Steve Vladeck, NBC News

Birthright Citizenship and Its Allies

Pedro Gonzalez, American Greatness

Latino Voters: Now Is Your Chance to Push Back at Trump

Raul Reyes, USA Today

Arizona Doesn't Deserve Kyrsten Sinema

Katie Pavlich, The Hill

In WI, Trump's Base Is Fired Up, But Will That Be Enough?

Gary Younge, The Guardian

Dems & Their Media Allies Seek to Silence Their Critics

Robert Stacy McCain, TAS

Sarah Sanders Can't Name a Single 'Fake News' Outlet

Chris Cillizza, CNN

Data Show Trump Is Right About Mail Bomber Coverage

Kalev Leetaru, RCP

Inside the Crazy Cabal Trying to Smear Robert Mueller

Markay & Sommer, Daily Beast

The Deafening Quietude of FISA Court & John Roberts

John Solomon, The Hill

The Internet Will Be the Death of Us

Frank Bruni, New York Times

Science Shows Sex Is Binary, Not a Spectrum

Debra W. Soh, RealClearPolitics

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Turns 200

Jonathan Jones, The Guardian

Birthright Citizenship Needs Fixing

Washington Examiner

Trump's Shameful Attack on Birthright Citizenship

Los Angeles Times

We Cannot Let the Extremists Divide Us

Denver Post

Memo to Voters: It's Dems, Not GOP, Who Are the Extremists


Doctor Says Don't Cover Up Your Dark Spots – (Try This Instead)

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Daily Bulletin for 10/31/2018 

Visit RealClearScience today for more science news and insight. Share:


The Rise of the Saturated Fat Deniers

Sarah Boseley, The Guardian

Butter is back. Saturated fat is good for you. Cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. Claims along these lines keep finding their way into newspapers and mainstream websites even though they contradict decades of medical advice. There is a battle going on for our hearts and minds.

Why Science Can't Replace Religion

Sean Illing, Vox

I'm what you'd call an agnostic. I don't know if God exists, but the question is probably unanswerable, so I'm content to live in the uncertainty. That's probably why I've always found the so-called New Atheists misguided in their critiques of religion.New Atheism is a literary movement that sprung up in 2004, led by prominent authors like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens.

Would Alien Visitation Cause a Panic?

Mindy Weisberger, Live Science

On this day (Oct. 30) 80 years ago, actor Orson Welles announced to audiences in a chilling radio performance that Martians were invading New Jersey, leading terrified listeners to believe that Earth was under attack by hostile aliens.

The Legal Ambiguities of American Corpses

Chris Woolston, Knowable Magazine

Death has always been a fact of life. But somehow, even after endless repetitions of the cycle, we still haven't figured out how we feel about dead bodies. Are they vessels of loved ones that should be preserved for as long as possible? Bundles of organic material that should be reunited with the earth?

The 10 Scariest Places in the Universe

Ethan Siegel, Forbes

With a huge suite of different observatories for viewing the Universe, innumerable details can be revealed. Occasionally, what we find evokes terrifying feelings within us. In the spirit of Halloween, here are the top 10 scariest sights the Universe has to offer.

Scientists Spot Wobbling Hot Spots Around Black Hole

Joshua Sokol, Quanta

For the first time, scientists have spotted something wobbling around the black hole at the core of our galaxy. Their measurements suggest that this stuff perhaps made of blobs of plasma is spinning not far from the innermost orbit allowed by the laws of physics.

Billionaires Pouring Money Into Nuclear Fusion

Jonathan Tirone, Bloomberg

Not long before he died, tech visionary Paul Allen traveled to the south of France for a personal tour of a 35-country quest to replicate the workings of the Sun. The goal is to one day produce clean, almost limitless energy by fusing atoms together rather than splitting them apart.

How Robots Might Make Rocket Fuel on Mars

Kurt W. Leucht, IEEE Spectrum

The year is 2038. After 18 months living and working on the surface of Mars, a crew of six explorers boards a deep-space transport rocket and leaves for Earth. No humans are staying behind, but work goes on without them: Autonomous robots will keep running a mining and chemical-synthesis plant they'd started years before this first crewed mission ever set foot on the planet.

How Is Directed Evolution Changing the World?

Bethany Halford, C & E News

From all appearances, Frances H. Arnold has mastered the art of travel. Seemingly impervious to jet lag, she was a patient and polished subject when C&EN interviewed her in Boston on a Wednesday morning in October, precisely two weeks after the announcement that she won the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

To Save the Planet, Stop the Campaign Against Capitalism

Andrew Glover, Quillette

This month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a report concluding that it is all but inevitable that overall global warming will exceed the 1.5 degree Celsius limit dictated in the 2015 Paris Agreement. The report also discusses the potentially catastrophic consequences of this warming, which include extreme weather events, an accelerated rise in sea levels, and shrinking Arctic sea ice.

Sierra Club's Ignorance of Chemistry Reaches New Heights

Josh Bloom, ACSH

Let's have a multiple choice test. If you want to climb Everest you should:a) Hire a Sherpab) Hire a chemistry tutorSeems pretty obvious, no? I mean, wouldn't you want to rely on someone who knew something about mountain climbing?

Major Newspaper Publishes Anti-Vaccine Propaganda

David Gorski, Sci-Based Med

Occasionally, there are weekends when I settle down to crank out my usual weekly magnum opus for Science-Based Medicine and there's nothing going on out there that's getting me fired up. (It happens from time to time if you've been doing a regular column for nearly 11 years.)

What It Really Means to Be Open-Minded

Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience

Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand Goop claims to be "open-minded," and they want you to be, too, especially when it comes to the blatantly BS products that they sell. Never mind that there's no reputable evidence that Goop's overpriced vitamins, supplements, potions, and gadgets actually work. If you're open to the possibility that they work, then maybe they will...

Just Follow the FDA's Self-Interest

Henry Miller, Pundicity

Bringing a new drug to market now takes, on average, $2.6 billion and more than 10 years. Those numbers could shrink, and countless patients could benefit, if Food and Drug Administration regulators were less risk-averse. I know that from firsthand experience.Oct. 30 marks the 36th anniversary of the FDA's approval of human insulin synthesized in genetically engineered bacteria, the first product made with "gene splicing" techniques.

The Incredible Seasons of Triton

Chelsea Gohd, Astronomy

Neptune's largest moon Triton is still gathering frost on its surface even after nearly 20 years of accumulation.Backed by new observations, researchers recently announced that frost continues to travel northward from the southern polar cap of Triton. The frost, which is generated by the sun heating and sublimating volatile material before it travels northward, has been observed since the turn of the century.

300,000-Year-Old Stone Tools Found in Saudi Arabia

Kiona N. Smith, Ars Technica

Stone tools unearthed in Saudi Arabia's inhospitable Nefud Desert indicate that members of our genus Homo had ventured beyond the familiar borders of Africa and the Levant sometime between 300,000 and 500,000 years ago. And according to climate data captured in the bones of animals found at the site, the environment they moved into may not have been that different from the one they left behind in East Africa.
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