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MORNING RECON: Air Force Selects Architect for ABMS; Consequences for the Army's Delay of the Chinook; CNO: Fighting Ford Ready; F-15X a Bad Idea?

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Morning Recon

Good Thursday morning and welcome to MORNING RECON.  On this day in 1984, while in orbit 170 miles above Earth, Navy Captain Bruce McCandless becomes the first human being to fly untethered in space when he exits the U.S. space shuttle Challenger and maneuvers freely, using a bulky white rocket pack of his own design.
Today's Top Stories


USAF Selects 'Architect' for Airborne Battle Management System
By Brian Everstine, Air Force Magazine: "The Air Force has been slower than it could have been in developing its way forward on the Airborne Battle Management System, a new way to handle the mission currently flown by the E-8C Joint STARS, but the schedule should pick up soon, as the service has just selected who will lead the effort."

Consequences for Army's Plan to Delay CH-47 Chinook Upgrades
By Loren Thompson, Forbes: "The Pentagon hasn't yet revealed its budget request for the fiscal year beginning October 1, but some details have begun to leak out. One big surprise is that the Army wants to delay "Block II" upgrades to its largest, fastest helicopter by five years."

A Fighting Ford Prepares to Join the Fleet
By Mark Faram, Navy Times: "During a Tuesday trip to the ship, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson told the carrier's crew and the gathered media that the bulk of the Ford's fixes are finished and now it's time to see what the innovative technology can do."

Recriminations Fly Over Removal of SFAB Commander
By Wesley Morgan, Politico: "A senior Green Beret officer has been removed from command of a high-profile combat adviser unit just before its scheduled deployment to Afghanistan, the Army has confirmed — and some veterans of recent counterterrorism missions are crying foul."

The U.S. Navy's New Frigate Could Pack a Serious Punch
By David Axe, The National Interest: "The warship the Navy projects it will start building in 2020 could feature many of the same weapons and sensors as bigger ships. And it could have extra space and power for future upgrades."

Navy Revises Rules in Wake of Linguist's Death in Syria
By Claudia Grisales, Stars and Stripes: "Navy officials said they have made several changes to a flawed commissioning and waiver process that led to the deployment of a linguist killed in Syria last month."

'Time Away' Remains Top Troop, Military Family Worry
By Amy Bushatz, Military.com: "Absence from home remains the top concern among active-duty troops and their families for the second year running, according to the results of an annual military family survey scheduled for release Wednesday."

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How U.S. Sanctions Could Be Boosting Iran's Presence in Iraq

By Mohsen Shariatinia, Al-Monitor: "Geopolitical power projection could be, at first sight, the logic underlying Iran's policy of expanding ties with and playing a role in Iraq. But in recent years, and with the growing necessity arising from the reimposition of U.S. sanctions, Tehran has chosen to also focus on geo-economic interests in Iraq."


Fight the Ship: Investigating the USS Fitzgerald Tragedy
By T. Christian Miller, Megan Rose & Robert Faturechi, ProPublica: "On the ship's bridge, a crewman activated two emergency lights high on the ship's mast, one on top of the other: The Fitzgerald, it signaled, was red over red — no longer under command."

Protecting Chokepoints Remains a Key Strategic Challenge
By Austin Bay, StrategyPage: "Chokepoints matter, economically and militarily. Most of the world's trade passes through nine maritime chokepoints: Hormuz, Malacca Straits, Mandeb, Suez, Gibraltar, Cape Horn, Cape of Good Hope, Panama Canal and the Turkish Straits. The Danish Straits also matter -- especially to Russia." 

Leaving the INF and Getting Putin's Attention
By Daniel Gallington, The Washington Times: "Vladimir Putin quickly announced Russia is also withdrawing from the treaty as a "symmetric response," no doubt designed to deflect attention away from Russian major violations of the INF treaty over the last decade and to provoke a siren call from the international arms control community — as did the "nuclear freeze" and related Soviet propaganda in the late 1970s and early 1980s."

Is the Air Force's F-15X Buy a Mistake?
By John Venable, Washington Examiner: "Last Friday, the Air Force announced plans to buy Boeing's F-15X, based on the jet's capabilities and comparatively low costs when stacked against the F-35A. Is this a wise investment?"

Quad Supports U.S. Goal to Preserve Rules-Based Order
By Derek Grossman, The Strategist (ASPI): "Washington's key objective when contending with Beijing in the Indo-Pacific is to preserve the liberal international order that has been in place since the end of World War II."

30-Year Anniversary of Soviet Withdrawal From Afghanistan
By Franz-Stefan Gady, The Diplomat: "The withdrawal of the Soviet 40th Army from Afghanistan from 1988 to 1989 was a militarily successful operation save one mistake."

Inflated Counts of Civilian Casualties Collateral of Modern War
By Rodger Shanahan, the interpreter: "Such is the nature of modern conflict in built-up urban areas. When there is a complex, multi-division assault on a large urban area against an entrenched enemy, with multiple methods of fire and close air support, making a determination afterwards about what ordnance collapsed what building is nigh on impossible."
Is Mexico a Failing State?
By Alexander Grinberg, Strategy Bridge: "In 2009, U.S. Joint Forces Command released a statement expressing concerns over Mexico, highlighting the potential even then for a total collapse."

How the NYPD Can Help Fight Terrorism in Indonesia
By Alexander L. Carter, Proceedings Magazine: "The Straits of Malacca and Singapore (Straits) is a 900-kilometer narrow waterway that accommodates thousands of vessels transporting most of the world's oil to the largest economies each year. The Indonesian government, like others in the region, is concerned with security threats to the Straits that may impact Indonesia and her regional allies and partners."

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