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MORNING RECON: Navy's Trident II D5-Most Important in U.S. Arsenal; Prioritizing High-End Warfighting; Biotechnology & Human Augmentation

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Morning Recon

Good Tuesday morning and welcome to MORNING RECON.  On this day in 1989, in an important move signaling the close of the nearly decade-long Soviet military intervention in Afghanistan, the last Russian troops withdraw from the capital city of Kabul. Less than two weeks later, all Soviet troops departed Afghanistan entirely, ending what many observers referred to as Russia's "Vietnam."
Today's Top Stories


Air Force Light Attack Effort Stalls After Experiments
By Oriana Pawlyk, DoD Buzz: "While the U.S. Air Force hasn't closed the door to a possible light attack program, efforts to procure a new turboprop aircraft for training with allies appear to have lost steam as other priorities have come to the fore."

5 Reasons the Navy's D5 Missile Is the Most Important Weapon in the U.S. Arsenal
By Loren Thompson, Forbes: "Last week, the Navy's Strategic Systems Programs office awarded Lockheed Martin a $560 million modification to a pre-existing contract for production and support of the Trident II D5 missile. Almost nobody outside the Navy and Lockheed's missiles and space unit noticed. Dozens of such agreements have been completed over the years."

The Marine Corps' New CH-53K Is a Mess
By Shawn Snow, Marine Corps Times: "The Defense Department laid out a slew of mechanical issues found during initial testing that include: "airspeed indication anomalies, low reliability of main rotor gearbox, hot gas impingement on aircraft structures, tail boom and tail rotor structural problems, overheating of main rotor dampers, fuel system anomalies, high temperatures in the #2 engine bay, and hot gas ingestion by the #2 engine, which could reduce available power.""

Navy's Last F-18 Hornet Squadron Sundowns
By Megan Eckstein, USNI News: "The Navy held a sundown ceremony on Friday for its last operational F-18 Hornet squadron, with the "Blue Blasters" of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 34 taking their last flight over Naval Air Station Oceana before transitioning to newer jets."

Who's Helping Boeing Build the Air Force's Next T-X Trainer?
By Valerie Insinna, Defense News: "Boeing was previously tight-lipped about its industrial collaborators on T-X, disclosing only its partnership with Saab — which co-designed the plane and builds the aft fuselage — and General Electric, whose F404 engine powers the plane."

GE's ITEP Win & The Army's Inch-By-Inch Revolution
By Sydney Freedberg, Breaking Defense: "Even before last week's decision, the Improved Turbine Engine Program (ITEP) split the difference between evolution and revolution, by design."

How Will the Army Use Electronic Warfare?
By Mark Pomerleau, C4ISRNET: "According to the annual report from the director of operational test and evaluation, the Army's current publications don't clearly help units refine their "tactics, techniques, and procedures" or for organizing and using electronic warfare on the battlefield."

Why the Army Should Increase Warrant Officers
By Michael Gladius, Small Wars Journal: "Enhancing the role of warrant officers at the expense of commissioned officers will cement America's existing advantages and improve our leadership hierarchy and command system."

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Biotechnology and Human Augmentation: Issues for National Security Practitioners
By Mick Ryan & Therese Keane, Strategy Bridge: "One of the most significant matters in biotechnology is that of human augmentation and whether nations should augment military personnel to stay at the leading edge of capability." 

Getting a Better Outcome From the Second Trump-Kim Summit
By Robert E. Kelly, the interpreter: "One obvious step forward would be for North Korea to finally give us a list or inventory of its weapons."

Et Tu Gina? – More Deep State Sabotage
By Charles Faddis, AND Magazine: "Last week the heads of the United States Intelligence Community delivered to Congress their annual assessment of the threats facing the United States. As part of that assessment, the agency chiefs informed Congress "we continue to assess that North Korea is unlikely to give up all of its nuclear weapons and production capabilities even as it seeks to negotiate partial denuclearization steps to obtain key U.S. and international concessions.""

Trade War Games: Dire Outcomes for U.S., China
By Paul Bracken, The Hill: "A key insight of game theorist Martin Shubik was that when a "tomorrow" exists, it profoundly reshapes competition. Individual moves in a game with "tomorrows" are radically different from one-shot games."

Australia and the U.S. Must Prioritize High-End Warfighting
By Frederick Cichon, Proceedings Magazine: "Over the past few decades , the U.S. Navy and Royal Australian Navy (RAN) have exercised and operated together in the Middle East, Indian Ocean, and Pacific, mainly focusing on counterpiracy and maritime interdiction operations. Now it is time to train together for combined high-end warfighting."

The U.S. Needs a Real Plan to Counter China in Africa
By Adam Ereli, Defense One: "The president's new Africa strategy lacks the teeth necessary to counter China's massive investments in infrastructure and military expansion on the African continent. A much more aggressive plan to beat China is needed."
Trump's Africa Surprise
By Jonathan Gass, Atlantic Council: "Africa has generally ranked near the bottom of U.S. foreign policy priorities. Historically, two-term presidents have waited until their second term to establish their legacies on the continent, and many one-term presidents have neglected it altogether. U.S. President Donald J. Trump has surprised many by bucking this trend."

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