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MORNING RECON: Shine a Light – Navy Acquisition; JSOW-ER for the F-35C; Amphibs Under the Gun; China's 'Grey Zone' Aggression; Moscow's New Missiles

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Morning Recon

Good Monday morning and welcome to MORNING RECON.  On this day in  1765, the term "Sons of Liberty" is used in a letter written by Jared Ingersoll, Sr. The term would soon be adopted by American patriots. In turn, Ingersoll got the phrase from a speech in the House of Commons by Isaac Barré. A vigorous opponent of the taxation of America, Barré displayed his mastery of invective in his championship of the American cause. "They planted by your care? No! your oppressions planted them in America. They fled from your tyranny to a then uncultivated and unhospitable country ... They nourished up by your indulgence? They grew by your neglect of them: as soon as you began to care about them, that care was exercised in sending persons to rule over them ... "

RealClearDefense Today's Exclusive:
Today's Top Stories


Pentagon Still Questioning How Smart to Make Its Drone Swarms
By Oriana Pawlyk, DefenseTech: "As the Pentagon moves forward with tests on autonomous drone swarming technology, few doubt that the warfighting concept will work."

'Fight to Get to the Fight:' Marine Amphibs Under the Gun
By Paul McLeary, Breaking Defense: "Threatened by hundreds of precision-guided munitions now in the hands of Russia and China, the Navy and Marine Corps continue to search for technologies and tactics that will allow them to operate close to the coastline without unsustainable losses."

Navy's JSOW-ER for the F-35C
By Joseph Trevithick, The WarZone: "The U.S. Navy says it will begin deploying a cruise missile derivative of the stealthy AGM-154 Joint Stand-Off Weapon glide bomb, or JSOW, no later than the end of 2023, as an option for its F/A-18E/F Super Hornets and F-35C Joint Strike Fighters."

JLTV Is Tougher & Faster, but Troops Will Still Ride Into Battle on Humvees
By Matthew Cox, Military.com: "Army and Marine Corps combat units are starting to receive brand-new, high-performance Joint Light Tactical Vehicles. But if war with a major power ignites in the near future, the bulk of U.S. ground forces will go into battle with the same Humvees that struggled to survive the last war."

Army's Elite Night Stalkers Quietly Stood up a New Unit
By Joseph Trevithick, The WarZone: "For the first time in nearly a decade, the U.S. Army's elite 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment has added a new unit to its ranks."

The Ruger SR40c: The Most Dangerous Handgun on the Planet?
By Kyle Mizokami, The National Interest: "Invented by the Federal Bureau of Investigation after an infamous shootout, the cartridge is meant to provide additional power over more traditional medium handgun calibers."


U.S. Shift on China's South China Sea 'Grey Zone' Aggression

By Laura Zhou, South China Morning Post: "The United States is expected to take more planned and pre-emptive measures in response to China's "grey zone tactics" in the Asia-Pacific region, according to analysts from the U.S. and Australia."

U.S. Military Intensifies Airstrikes Against Al Qaeda in Somalia

By Bill Roggio, FDD's Long War Journal: "Since the New Year, U.S Africa Command (AFRICOM) has hit Shabaab 14 times. AFRICOM acknowledges that the air campaign is not sufficient to defeat Shabaab, but can only support the Somali government's efforts."

South Korea Agrees to Increase Payment for U.S. Troops

By Jane Doe, Politico: "South Korean officials on Sunday signed off on an agreement that would increase the nation's contribution to cover the cost of keeping U.S. troops on the Korean Peninsula."

Australia Signs $50 Billion Submarine Contract With France

From Reuters: " Australia signed a production contract with French shipbuilder Naval Group on Monday for a fleet of 12 new submarines, worth A$50 billion ($35.5 billion), ending a two-year wrangle that cast doubt over one of the world's most lucrative defense deals."

Mossad, MI6 Smuggled Iranian Nuclear Scientist to the U.K.

By Hagay Hacohen, The Jerusalem Post: "Mossad, British secret services and the CIA extracted an Iranian nuclear scientist out of Tehran and provided him with a safe haven in the US, the Daily Mail reported on Sunday."

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Shine a Light – Navy Acquisition
By Kevin Eyer, RealClearDefense: "Much of what is discussed in Navy circles centers upon two broad topics: war-fighting and the material tools necessary to support a fight, now or in the future.  However, an examination as to how the Navy goes about the actual procurement of the systems intended to support the military's needs is seldom undertaken." 

A Nuclear First Strike Should Still Be an Option for America
By Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg: "Democrats in the U.S. House and Senate introduced legislation last week to prevent the U.S. from using nuclear weapons unless first attacked by nuclear weapons from another country. Ideally, the bill will induce a long-needed reconsideration of U.S. nuclear weapons policy — and lead to the conclusion that "The No First Use Act" would hobble U.S. national interests and make the world a more dangerous place."

To Rule the Orbits
By Jerry Hendrix, National Review: "Why the U.S. military needs an independent space force."

Military Learning in the 21st Century
From Wavell Room: "Military learning is a hot topic. It comes in many different guises: 'conceptual development', 'the intellectual edge', 'strategic adaptability', or 'innovative by design.' Yet behind the buzzwords and the dogma, what do we really mean when talk about learning in a military context? And how can we do it more effectively, without sacrificing core areas of enduring strength?"

Moscow Announces New Missiles After U.S. 'Suspends' INF Treaty
By Pavel Felgenhauer, Eurasia Daily Monitor: " Legally speaking, neither side is allowed to "suspend" anything; the INF is still officially legally binding for at least six more months as both the US State Department and Moscow have confirmed.  President Vladimir Putin has ordered his defense and foreign ministries to act reciprocally with the U.S., so both sides will be abandoning the treaty simultaneously. Putin has also ordered Russian officials not to initiate any new negotiations with the U.S. on any future nuclear arms limitations."

Green Berets: Rebuilding the Guerrilla Leader Identity
By David Walton & Joseph Long, Small Wars Journal: "Direct Action and Unconventional Warfare - one is in the movies, and the other is in the history books. Perhaps oversimplified, the differences between these two mission sets are at the heart of the Green Beret's identity crisis."

The Tactical Application of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
By Private E, The Cove: "In contemporary warfare, actors carry out significant actions in the information domain. ISIL in Iraq and Syria used social media to recruit, target, finance and even orchestrate attacks with deadly effect. In the Ukrainian conflict, Russian operatives took advantage of operational security breaches to exploit and target Ukrainian military personnel."

The United Nations in Mali: A New Approach to Peacekeeping?
By Michelangelo Freyrie, Strategy Bridge: " While most Cold War-era deployments could be limited to overseeing existing peace accords, more recent deployments have not had the guaranteed cooperation of local actors."
Alternative Futures: United Kingdom Options in Venezuela
By Hal Wilson, Divergent Options: "In an alternative future, the United States and Brazil will intervene imminently in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The United Kingdom (UK) faces being pulled into the crisis."

Venezuela: What's the Mission, Mr. President?
By Mike Scrafton, The Strategist (ASPI): "The proper use of military force in international relations is the indispensable subject of strategic policy. The national interests that could be promoted, protected or secured by the use or threat of military force, and how military force will achieve those objectives, should be intelligible in the military mission. So why has President Donald Trump again raised the possibility of U.S. military intervention in Venezuela?"

Will Warsaw Summit Unite U.S., EU Against Iran?
By Heidarali Masoudi, Al-Monitor: "The upcoming Warsaw ministerial summit on peace and security in the Middle East can be regarded as a turning point in U.S. President Donald Trump's policy toward Tehran."

Trump Is Risking an ISIS Resurrection
By James Stavridis, Bloomberg: "Over the past several years and under two presidential administrations, U.S. and allied forces have taken away at least 95 percent of ISIS's terrain. But without a re-flash watch, there is a real chance of the group reviving itself."

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