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Morning Volt for 02/08/2019

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Green New Deal: Carbon Tax Would be a Tiny Part'

Joshua Caplan, Breitbart
The masterminds of the Green New Deal say a carbon tax would only make up a sliver of funding for the progressive Democrats' proposal.The outline does not include a price estimate for the wide-ranging plan to tackle global warming and systemic injustice, but a separate FAQ says a carbon tax would help pay for a tiny part of it:

Everglades Open for Oil Drilling After Court Ruling

Samatha J. Gross, TBT
After nearly four years of legal battles, a Miami family that made its fortune in real estate will now be able to drill an exploratory oil well in the Everglades, just west of the Broward County suburbs.A Tallahassee appeals court reversed a decision by the state's Department of Environmental Protection Tuesday, ultimately granting Kanter Real Estate the authority to drill.The land Kanter Real Estate President John Kanter is interested in drilling is on a 20 mile-wide, 150-mile-long stretch of shale between Miami and Fort Myers dubbed the Sunniland Trend. The western part of that stretch has...

AAA: Cold Weather Can Cut Electric Car Range Over 40%

Tom Krisher, AP
Cold temperatures can sap electric car batteries, temporarily reducing their range by more than 40 percent when interior heaters are used, a new study found. The study of five electric vehicles by AAA also found that high temperatures can cut into battery range, but not nearly as much as the cold. The range returns to normal in more comfortable temperatures. Many owners discovered the range limitations last week when much of the country was in the grips of a polar vortex. Owners of vehicles made by manufacturers including Tesla, the top-selling electric vehicle company in the U.S., complained...

Minnesota May Join Carbon-Free States by 2050

Sara Clarke, USNWR
Some Minnesota lawmakers want their state to move toward 100 percent clean energy with all electricity generated by renewable sources by 2050."Minnesota met that goal last year, seven years ahead of schedule," Long said during a hearing Tuesday to introduce the bill before the House climate committee. "Clean energy jobs in Minnesota are growing twice as fast as the economy as a whole. Minnesota is home to the number one solar construction company and two of the top wind-building companies in the country.""The bad news is that we're not moving fast enough, and we're still failing to meet...

EIA: US to Become Net Energy Exporter in 2020

Staff, OGJ
The US will position itself as a net energy exporter in 2020 and will remain so throughout a projection period to 2050 resulting from large increases in production of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas plant liquids (NGPL) coupled with slow growth in energy consumption, according to the US Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook 2019.In the AEO's reference case, the US becomes a net exporter of petroleum liquids after 2020 as US crude oil production increases and domestic consumption of petroleum products decreases. Near the end of the projection period, the US returns...

California: Land of 1,000 Laws And That's Just This Year

T. Snowball, TH
I've lived in California almost my entire life. And if there's one thing you can count on in this glorious state, it's the ability of the people to join together to overcome adversity in pursuit of the common good.But that healthy sense of community and solidarity too often is hijacked by a legislature hell bent on pushing a steady stream of legislation designed to take the bread from our mouths and money from our pockets in pursuit of some grand democratic and progressive utopia of cradle-to-grave entitlements coupled with complete freedom from all things offensive or even slightly...

For Sale in Texas: Natural Gas at Record Low Price

Staff, Reuters
Next-day natural gas prices for Tuesday at the Waha hub in the Permian basin in West Texas tumbled almost 90 percent to a record low as demand declined with moderating weather and pipeline constraints limited the amount of fuel that can leave the region.Spot prices at the Waha hub collapsed to an average of just 21 cents per million British thermal units (mmBtu) for Tuesday.That fell below the contract's prior all-time low of 25 cents in November and compares with an average of $2.13/mmBtu so far this year, $2.10 in 2018 and a five-year (2014-2018) average of $2.80, according to data...

Who Will Feed the LNG Monster?

Robert Rapier, Forbes
In the previous article, I discussed the global nature of the oil markets. But the shale oil boom in the U.S. temporarily increased the localized impact on the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark. As a result, its price diverged from that of international crudes for a few years.The natural gas markets, on the other hand, are far more localized due to the difficulty in transporting natural gas. That means that natural gas in the U.S. could be $3 per million British thermal units (MMBtu), but double or triple that level in Japan or Europe.

CNN's King: Trump Avoiding Climate at SOTU 'a Disgrace'

J. Concha, TH
CNN anchor John King on Tuesday criticized President Trump for not mentioning climate change during his State of Union address, calling the decision "just frankly, a disgrace.""Every leader, whatever his party should be talking about climate change," King said late Tuesday discussing Trump's remarks. "You can have a debate about what to do about it. But that the President of the United States, at this moment in the world, did not mention climate change in even a sentence is, just frankly, a disgrace."

Exxon Plans $10 Billion Texas Natural Gas Export Terminal

T. Cama, TH
Exxon Mobil Corp. made a final decision Tuesday with Qatar Petroleum to build a $10 billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) export project on Texas's Gulf of Mexico coast.Energy Secretary Rick Perry joined representatives of Exxon and Qatar Petroleum, the country's state-owned oil company, to sign the deal Tuesday.The project would greatly expand the existing Golden Pass LNG terminal which was opened in 2010 on the Sabine Pass to import gas. The expanded terminal would have the capacity to produce about 16 million tons of LNG per year, chilling gas to -260 degrees Fahrenheit to increase its...

Oil Prices Ease on US Supply Build and Firmer Buck

R.K. Beals, MW
Oil futures slipped Wednesday as industry data pointed to rising U.S. oil stockpiles and on the back of a stronger U.S. dollar, which tends to dent commodities priced in the currency.U.S. benchmark West Texas Intermediate crude oil for March delivery US:CLG9 fell 9 cents, or 0.2%, at $53.57 a barrel. Front-month contract prices marked their lowest settlement on Tuesday at $53.66 a barrel since Jan. 29, according to FactSet data. Prices marked a recent peak at $55.26 last week, a roughly 2-month high, and have slogged around in narrow trading ranges since.An uptrend has continued...

Germany Sees Surge in New Solar as Prices Drop

AP, ABC News
Germany added almost 3 gigawatts of new solar power generation in 2018, about 68 percent more than the previous year amid a drop in prices for new systems.But the country's solar industry association, BSW, said Thursday that Germany needs 7.5 GW of new photovoltaic systems annually to meet long-term energy demand.Germany plans to switch off its nuclear plants by 2022 and the government is considering a proposal to stop burning coal for electricity by 2038 at the latest in a bid to curb greenhouse emissions.Europe's biggest economy depends heavily on reliable electricity supplies. Solar...

Why I Won't Sign Onto Climate Leadership Council's Plan

Charles Steele, RCE
Recently, I received a request from Janet Yellen, Chair of the Climate Leadership Council, the sign the Economists' Statement on Carbon Dividends.I won't sign. Here's why.The heart of the Council's proposed Carbon Dividends Plan (CDP) is a robust and increasing tax on carbon emissions, $43/ton when it begins in 2021 (equivalent to a tax of $0.38 per gallon of gasoline). This tax would represent the estimated cost imposed by carbon emissions, and increase at a rate that takes into account discounting for time and carbon decay, the rate at which excess carbon naturally...

Trump Ditches Coal in SOTU speech

Miranda Green, The Hill
President Trump did not mention coal when he declared Tuesday night that his administration has unleashed a revolution in American energy that has lead to historic energy export highs and economic growth.Speaking at his State of the Union address, Trump emphasized the United States's leading role in fossil fuel production and exportation, championing the country becoming the leading global producer of oil and natural gas during his tenure.

Michigan's New Governor Puts Climate First

Dan Gearino, InsideClimate News
Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan signed orders on Monday to revamp the state's environmental policy apparatus, becoming the latest newly elected Democratic leader in an industrial swing state to pick up the reins of action on climate change.Whitmer is creating a new office of climate and energy that will coordinate efforts across state government to address climate change and will ensure that climate change is a consideration in the vetting of new policies.She also signed an order to join the U.S. Climate Alliance, a group of governors who commit to upholding the principles of the Paris...

Can Solar Compete With Coal in China?

Ken Silverstein, Forbes
China's energy policies may, at first, seem paradoxical: it is shooting for the stars and it is working to have renewable energy start replacing coal-fired electricity. That's a hard task in a country where coal is now 60% of its electricity base and renewables are 20% and poised to be 35% in 2030.Its goal is to clean its cities and to comply with the Paris climate agreement. In its latest five-year plan that outlines its energy goals, China has set a cap on on coal-fired generation at about 1,100 gigawatts a hard task, given that it already has about 1,000 GW with another 250 GW...

False Choice: Economic Growth, Fight Climate Change

C. Kormann, TNY
In 1974, the economist William Nordhaus described the transition from a cowboy economy to a spaceship economy. In the former, he wrote, we could afford to use our resources profligately, and the environment could be used as a sink without becoming fouled. But, in the spaceship economy, great attention must be paid to the sources of life and to the dumps where our refuse is piled. He added, Things which have traditionally been treated as free goodsair, water, quiet, natural beautymust now be treated with the same care as other scarce goods. Toward the...

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