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Morning Volt for 02/11/2019

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Morning Volt

Surprisingly Low Seasonality of US Natural Gas Prices

Jude Clemente, Forbes
It was indeed remarkable that the U.S. natural gas market saw the lowest prices since July last week despite Polar Vortex 2019. In particular, given that gas demand peaks in the Winter when heating and power generation needs collide, the U.S. hit an all time record of 150 Bcf/d of consumption.This week, gas prices have fallen further, with the market closing today down 11 cents to $2.55 per MMBtu for prompt month (March).With still a week to go before Valentine's Day, this is absolutely incredible.Technically, there are two seasons for the U.S. gas market: Summer (April-Oct) and Winter...

A Future for Hydropower?

Bob Sack, PMG
This is the third in an occasional series of articles about what Lake Oswego resident Bob Sack calls "underappreciated, carbon-free sources of energy that are under development right here in Oregon." Sack's first "snapshot," about geothermal energy, appeared in the Dec. 13 issue of The Review; "Blowin in the (offshore) wind" was featured in the Jan. 3 issue. Today's installment: hydropower.Did you know that Lake Oswego has its own hydroelectric power plant?

Renewables Now 21% of US Energy Capacity

Betsy Lillian, Solar Industry
Even though natural gas dominated new electrical generating capacity in 2018, renewable energy sources seem poised to swamp fossil fuels as new generating capacity is added over the next three years, according to a SUN DAY Campaign analysis of newly released data from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). FERC's Energy Infrastructure Update report (with

Tesla's Model 3: Best-Selling Luxury Car in US

Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN
The Tesla Model 3, an electric sedan with a starting price that just got reduced to $42,900, was the best-selling luxury vehicle of any kind last year.That's surprising for a number of reasons, not least of which is that fully electric vehicles made up just 1.2% of all vehicle sales in America last year, according to data from Edmunds.com.Overall, Tesla sold 146,000 units of the Model 3 in 2018. It sold remarkably well considering the hurdles Tesla (TSLA) faces as a relatively new automaker and one that's actively challenging the industry's accepted sales methods.

Pelosi Throws Shade at AOC's 'Green New Deal'

Chris Cillizza, CNN
Thursday is a big day for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The New York freshman Democrat, who has rapidly become one of the biggest stars in her party, will formally introduce her much-touted "Green New Deal" -- a package of legislation aimed at, among other things, addressing the threat posed by climate change.Nancy Pelosi isn't all that impressed. Asked about the "Green New Deal" in an interview with Politico on Wednesday, Pelosi dropped this amazing bit of shade on it:"It will be one of several or maybe many suggestions that we receive. The green dream, or whatever they call it, nobody knows...

Pelosi Announces Dems for New Climate Panel

Staff, Politico
Speaker Nancy Pelosi built out the Democratic roster for her special select panel on climate change Thursday, pulling from a mix of old and new lawmakers but leaving off the highest profile freshmen like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).The announcement, on the same day that the proposal for the lofty Green New Deal lands on Capitol Hill and one day after the first climate change hearings in years, gives a further boost to Democratic efforts to bring the issue to the forefront of their agenda.

Renewables Rewrite Rules of Global Geopolitics

Mike Scott, Forbes
Much of the geopolitics of the 20th century was shaped by the location of energy supplies the Middle East assumed outsize importance because most of the world's oil reserves are there. Other countries such as Russia, Angola and Nigeria, along with Venezuela, are also blessed or cursed with plentiful oil or gas, or both.But the geopolitical map that has become so familiar to us is changing, and fast, thanks to the rapid deployment of renewable energy. Because, while not every nation has oil, gas or even coal under its soil, everyone has at least some renewable resources, whether...

Ninth Circuit Nominee Has History of Defending Big Oil

Dana Drugmand, CLN
An attorney who has defended the oil industry in high-profile climate and environmental cases, including the current crop of climate liability lawsuits, has been nominated by President Trump to fill a vacancy on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.Daniel P. Collins, a California attorney with the firm Munger, Tolles & Olson, has represented Royal Dutch Shell in previous and current litigation against fossil fuel corporations. Shell is among the companies being sued by a group of California communities trying to hold oil companies accountable for climate change-related damages. Certain aspects...

Fossil Fuel Companies Should Pay for Climate Damage

Alex Kuffner, PJ
Because climate change is a complex international issue, it's not up to an individual state to make a determination that could have far-reaching policy consequences, a group of fossil fuel companies being sued by the State of Rhode Island argued in federal court on Wednesday.But lawyers representing the Rhode Island attorney general's office countered that the state has every right to protect its citizens' welfare by trying to force some of the world's largest oil and gas companies to pay for the costs of such climate change effects as sea-level rise and more damaging coastal storms.The two...

Protect the Electric Grid From America's Enemies

Paul Steidler, IS
Imagine if during the recent polar vortex cold spell, when large sections of the nation's power grid were already operating under severe duress, a cyberattack was launched that shut off power.Today, many bad actors are plotting and capable of such destruction. And it will take a concerted push by utilities, utility regulators and the national security community to thwart these acts.Dan Coats, director of National Intelligence, was clear about these dangers in a January 29 report and related testimony to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.He said, China has the ability to launch...

Scientists Must Counter Climate Misinformation?

Scott Waldman, SA
President Trump has mocked and dismissed climate science. Now researchers seem increasingly inclined to correct the record.NOAA, the federal agency that studies the Earth, tweeted what appeared to be a rebuttal to Trump's assertion Monday night that cold weather disproves long-term warming on a planet that's seen average global temperatures rise about 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit since 1900.Not only are severe snowstorms possible in a warming climate, they may even be more likely, NOAA officials wrote in a tweet that appeared to challenge the nation's top executive.

Renewables, Nuclear, CCS to Play Role in Decarbonizing

M. Watson, S&P GP
Renewables, nuclear power and carbon capture and sequestration each have a role to play in a decarbonized economy, experts said at during an afternoon panel discussion as part of the University of Texas Energy Week conference in Austin. Citing the massive growth of wind generation across the nation's mid-section over the past 10 years, Mike Jacobs, senior energy analyst at the Union of Concerned Scientists' Climate and Energy program, said, "you haven't seen a lot of headlines across the country about blackouts due to those wind farms."

Green New Deal: Carbon Tax Would be a Tiny Part'

Joshua Caplan, Breitbart
The masterminds of the Green New Deal say a carbon tax would only make up a sliver of funding for the progressive Democrats' proposal.The outline does not include a price estimate for the wide-ranging plan to tackle global warming and systemic injustice, but a separate FAQ says a carbon tax would help pay for a tiny part of it:

Everglades Open for Oil Drilling After Court Ruling

Samatha J. Gross, TBT
After nearly four years of legal battles, a Miami family that made its fortune in real estate will now be able to drill an exploratory oil well in the Everglades, just west of the Broward County suburbs.A Tallahassee appeals court reversed a decision by the state's Department of Environmental Protection Tuesday, ultimately granting Kanter Real Estate the authority to drill.The land Kanter Real Estate President John Kanter is interested in drilling is on a 20 mile-wide, 150-mile-long stretch of shale between Miami and Fort Myers dubbed the Sunniland Trend. The western part of that stretch has...

AAA: Cold Weather Can Cut Electric Car Range Over 40%

Tom Krisher, AP
Cold temperatures can sap electric car batteries, temporarily reducing their range by more than 40 percent when interior heaters are used, a new study found. The study of five electric vehicles by AAA also found that high temperatures can cut into battery range, but not nearly as much as the cold. The range returns to normal in more comfortable temperatures. Many owners discovered the range limitations last week when much of the country was in the grips of a polar vortex. Owners of vehicles made by manufacturers including Tesla, the top-selling electric vehicle company in the U.S., complained...

Minnesota May Join Carbon-Free States by 2050

Sara Clarke, USNWR
Some Minnesota lawmakers want their state to move toward 100 percent clean energy with all electricity generated by renewable sources by 2050."Minnesota met that goal last year, seven years ahead of schedule," Long said during a hearing Tuesday to introduce the bill before the House climate committee. "Clean energy jobs in Minnesota are growing twice as fast as the economy as a whole. Minnesota is home to the number one solar construction company and two of the top wind-building companies in the country.""The bad news is that we're not moving fast enough, and we're still failing to meet...

EIA: US to Become Net Energy Exporter in 2020

Staff, OGJ
The US will position itself as a net energy exporter in 2020 and will remain so throughout a projection period to 2050 resulting from large increases in production of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas plant liquids (NGPL) coupled with slow growth in energy consumption, according to the US Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook 2019.In the AEO's reference case, the US becomes a net exporter of petroleum liquids after 2020 as US crude oil production increases and domestic consumption of petroleum products decreases. Near the end of the projection period, the US returns...

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