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Morning Volt for 02/12/2019

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Morning Volt

US Natural Gas Prices Plummet, Defy 'Polar Vortex 2019'

Jude Clemente, Forbes
The U.S. natural gas market ignored the Polar Vortex 2019 last week and prices have plummetedThis is especially incredible since on Wednesday, total U.S. gas demand easily hit an all time record of 150 Bcf/d, half of which was for heating.The previous total demand record was January 1, 2018, when we devoured 143 Bcf/d but the market was spared because it was a holiday (i.e., less industrial facilities were in operation).Up until this past week, U.S. gas demand this January was averaging about 110 Bcf/d.

PG&E Could Shut Off Power for Millions to Prevent Wildfires

M.S. Schwartz, NPR
Pacific Gas & Electric could shut off power to more than 5 million customers when extreme weather conditions are ripe for wildfires to break out, the company said Wednesday. It's an expansion of the company's previous power shutoff program, which only let the company turn off power to about half a million customers.Several power companies submitted their required "wildfire mitigation plans" to California regulators this week. But PG&E's plan may be especially consequential, given that its power lines have been blamed for several Northern California fires over the past few years. The company...

Venezuela's Oil Money: Undermining Economy and Democracy

As political and economic crises threaten to topple Venezuela's President Nicols Maduro, political scientistslike us are not surprised that he has run into trouble.Instead, we see Venezuela as another example of what scholars call the resource curse. That's the unfortunate correlation first described by the British economic geographer Richard M. Auty between nations with vast wealth from oil or other natural resources and political instability.Venezuela is a textbook case of the curse, since nearly 90 percent of its people are now living in poverty in the country with the world's...

Venezuela Oil Sanctions Unlikely to Impact US Refiners

T. Paraskova, Oil Price
The U.S. sanctions on Venezuela's oil industry and state oil firm PDVSA are unlikely to have a significant impact on the refinery runs of the U.S. refiners, the Energy Information Administration (EIA) said in an analysis this week.U.S. imports of crude oil from Venezuela have been falling in recent years, and U.S. refiners have been replacing heavy crude from Venezuela from heavy crude grades from other sources, the EIA said.Last week, the U.S. imposed sanctions on PDVSA to help prevent further diverting of Venezuela's assets by Maduro and preserve these assets for the people of...

Dumb on Climate

J. Holmes, Esquire
We live in the dumbest time in history. Certainly, there were times when human beings had less knowledge. But now we have more information at our fingertips than our ancestors could possibly have imagined, and we have chosen instead to promote stupidity in general, and our society's biggest dipshits specifically. Ignorance is a virtue, expertise is elitism, and the president's favorite teevee show features professional morons tasked with making sure the elderly caucasians tuning in each morning are all jumped up on resentful liberal-bashing so they'll stay tuned in for more resentment...

US: Net Energy Exporter Next Year

Staff, OGJ
The US will position itself as a net energy exporter in 2020 and will remain so throughout a projection period to 2050 resulting from large increases in production of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas plant liquids (NGPL) coupled with slow growth in energy consumption, according to the US Energy Information Administration's Annual Energy Outlook 2019.In the AEO's reference case, the US becomes a net exporter of petroleum liquids after 2020 as US crude oil production increases and domestic consumption of petroleum products decreases. Near the end of the projection period, the US returns...

Energy Sector Turns South as Crude Oil Retreats

JJ Kinahan, Forbes
As this week comes to a close, it seems that traders and investors are continuing to focus on global growth worries stemming from trade fears and concerns about the eurozone economy.The U.S. market appears headed for its third down day in a row after European and Asian shares were mostly lower following a selloff on Wall Street yesterday as investors appeared to fret about the U.S.-China trade war as the deadline for more tariffs approaches.

Green New Deal Shows How Grand Climate Politics Can Be

A. Edelman, Wired
IF IT'S HARD to imagine the sweeping changes proposed in the Green New Deal actually happening, don't blame the Green New Deal. It's just that it has been so long since any politician suggested something so grand. The wildfires, hurricanes, droughts, and sea level rise that climate scientists have long promised are here, but we could get accustomed to that. We could forget that the world of five years ago or a decade ago was any different. And we got used to elected representatives saying predictable things about it, toodoubt and denial, or expressions of concern that climate change...

Republicans Reach Across Aisle on Climate, But Not Too Far

Staff, BE
Republicans on the House energy committee said they can work with Democrats on bipartisan policies to address climate changebut they draw the line at the rapid transition to all renewable energy outlined by the Green New Deal.The positionechoed by the majority of the Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee during a Feb. 6 hearing on climate changesuggests at least some Republican lawmakers want to ensure they have a voice in the growing conversation on climate policy enveloping.

Polar Vortex Didn't Disprove Global Warming

Keith Matheny, BH
It's a question on many blue lips this week, as the Midwest braced for below-zero temperatures for its daily high on Wednesday: How can global warming be true when it's so cold?Even President Donald Trump, in a tweet late Tuesday, seemed to question the coexistence of climate change and an arctic chill over much of the U.S.In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded. In coming days, expected to get even colder. People can't last outside even for minutes. What the hell is going on with Global Waming? Please come back fast, we...

Corporate Accounted for 25% of Renewable Deals in 2018

E.F. Merchant, GTM
A recent report affirms that corporations have carved out a prominent position in growing the renewable energy market. According to research firm Wood Mackenzie Power & Renewables, corporate contracts accounted for 22 percent of 2018 power-purchase agreements for renewables in the U.S.WoodMac's conclusions affirm a handful of findings that credit large corporations with pushing the solar and wind industries forward in 2018. The Business Renewables Center at the Rocky Mountain Institute, the American Wind Energy Association, and Bloomberg New Energy Finance have also reported that last year...

Campaigning on Climate

David Roberts, Vox
Since climate change was first introduced to US politics, most attention and debate have focused on a federal solution, but most actual policy progress has taken place at the state level. States are where everything from cap-and-trade systems to renewable energy mandates have actually become law.And so it remains today. Most of the buzz in current climate politics, especially with the presidential race beginning to take shape, is around a Green New Deal, a grand, comprehensive set of federal investments and regulations.But a GND is a long way off, even if everything goes well. Meanwhile, once...

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