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Gov. Northam's Medical School Launches Probe Of Racist Yearbook Photo


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's medical school says an investigation will be launched into all of its past yearbooks.The president of Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk announced the investigation on the school's website late Saturday.Dr. Richard V. Homan said he will direct an external investigation by a panel of advocates for diversity and inclusion. It will include African Americans and other people of color.

Parents of Two Parkland Victims Want Pulitzer for Local Paper

David Bauder, AP

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) Two parents who lost daughters in last year's Parkland, Florida, school shooting are calling for their local newspaper to win the Pulitzer Prize, saying the South Florida Sun Sentinel has stayed on the story to demand accountability long after the national media left.The parents, Ryan Petty and Andrew Pollack, wrote an open letter to judges who decide the Pulitzer that was posted on the website Real Clear Education in recent days.If it wasn't for them, everyone would have just moved on, said Pollack, whose daughter Meadow was among 17 people killed at Marjorie...

Weakest Students More Likely to Take Online Classes

Jill Barshay, Hechinger Report

Online college classes and degrees give working adults a lot of flexibility in furthering their educations but there's a big policy debate over whether students are learning much. According to the most recent federal statistics from 2016, roughly one out of every three or 6.3 million college students learned online. That number is growing even as fewer people are going to college. About half of them were enrolled in online degree programs and take all of their classes on the internet. The other half took one or more of their college classes online as they were also studying in traditional...

School Suspensions Only Help Students Celebrate Violence

C. Bell, TheConversation

When school officials suspend students, the idea is to maintain a safe environment and deter violence and other problematic behavior on the school campus.But when I interviewed 30 children in southeast Michigan who had been suspended from school, I learned that suspensions might actually be having the opposite effect.That's because students use school suspensions strategically to earn respect and build a reputation for being tough. I made this finding which will be published in the Journal of Crime and Justice as part of my ongoing research into how black students and their parents...

Vermont, Iowa Student Deaths Connected to Record Cold Weather

Fedschun, FOX

A 19-year-old student at the University of Vermont was found dead in the snow Saturday on one of the coldest Groundhog Days in decades, becoming the second college studentto die in a week in frigid temperatures.The Burlington Police Department said in a news release that authorities responded to a business in Burlington around 10:48 a.m. to a report of "an unresponsive male lying in the snow in the back parking lot of a business."

Tenured Professor Banned from Campus after Angry 'Manifesto'

J. Salo, NY Post

An Idaho college reportedly barred a tenured professor from campus following an angry manifesto and allegations of meth use.Denise Bennett, who teaches journalism, sparred Wednesday with the University of Idaho in Moscow after she was placed on administrative leave, the school newspaper, The Argonaut, reported.School officials issued a warning Wednesday to students urging them to call 911 if they saw the professor. The alert referenced Bennett's recent admittance to police of meth use and access to firearms.Bennett fired back at the school's allegations against her, insisting they were...

Black Female Professors Face Obstacles to Promotion

Adams & Batty, The Guardian

Those surveyed said they were systematically overlooked for promotion and mistaken for clerical staffBlack female professors have to overcome bullying, stereotyping and institutional neglect in order to win promotion, according to a damning new report of their experiences working at British universities.In interviews with 20 of the total 25 black female professors working in UK universities, Nicola Rollock, the report's author, said that their experiences made for depressing reading.

Struggling College Won't Admit Full Class of Freshmen

SF Gate

AMHERST, Mass. (AP) - A struggling college in western Massachusetts will not admit a full freshman class this fall as it seeks a merger. The Daily Hampshire Gazette reports Hampshire College trustees voted Friday to accept only students already granted a spot at the liberal arts college in Amherst. The newspaper says about 77 students have been accepted through deferred admission and the early acceptance process. The college has roughly 1,300 students.

How the Right Learned to Loathe Higher Education

Kim Phillips-Fein, Chronicle of HEd

In October 2017, Donald Trump Jr. spoke at a fund-raising event held at AT&T Stadium, in Dallas, intended to raise money for scholarships at the University of North Texas. Despite the stated goal of supporting education, the president's son used the occasion to lambaste the elitism and pretense of the modern university. Higher education, rather than improving the lives of young people, made them "unemployable" by teaching courses in "zombie studies, underwater basket weaving, and, my personal favorite, tree climbing." Universities, he argued, offered parents the following deal: "We'll take...

Agnes Irwin and Her Legacy: Educating Young Women

Michael E. Hartmann, CRC

In the summer of 1869, according to Agnes Repplier's 1934 Agnes Irwin: A Biography, two principals of a girls' school in Philadelphia were drowned at Bar Harbor. This tragic happening gave Agnes Irwin the opening she sought.That Summer, Irwin became principal of the West Penn Square Seminary for Young Ladies after the tragic deaths of the two people who had been governing the school. She took charge of the school on Penn Square, retaining the former teachers, according to Repplier. Everyone said that a good start had been made, but no one dreamed of what would grow from that quiet and modest...

Entrepreneurs Seek to Disrupt College Admissions Testing

R. Holland, RealClearEd

Starting a company from scratch that's able to compete with the long-entrenched SAT and ACT in the college-entrance testing business sounds like an impossible dream. However, a pair of Annapolis-based entrepreneurs, philosopher Jeremy Tate and businessman David Wagner, have proven with the Classic Learning Test (CLT) that a market does exist for an SAT/ACT alternative that is based on the works of the greatest minds of Western civilization. Just three years after the two long-time buddies ruminated on the troubled direction of education in the United States, particularly after the College...

Five Things Educators Need to Know About Cory Booker

Alyson Klein, Ed Week

This article from 2013 explores Cory Booker's record on education issues. Mr. Booker is among a handful of prominent Democrats nationally to support private school vouchers, and championed a proposed New Jersey law that would have created a voucher program in that state. He co-founded Excellent Education for Everyone, a nonprofit organization that sought to promote vouchers and charter schools in New Jersey. The push won backing from other well-known New Jersey Democrats but was ultimately unsuccessful.

U.K. Universities Can Sack Researchers and Keep Their Funding

Waddup, Guardian

The revelation that universities will be able to use the work of staff they have made redundant in their submissions to the ResearchExcellence Framework (Ref) has rightly provoked outrage amongst the academic community.It is put simply a breach of faith with those who do the work. It risks causing real reputational damage to funders and any institution foolish enough to go along with it, and must be reversed.While there are many practical problems with the policy, the biggest issue is the message it sends about how little staff are valued in the sector. In an environment where...

School Reform's Lost Momentum

Ray Domanico, City Journal

The 2018 midterms marked the second straight electoral cycle paring back the education reforms favored by the Barack Obama and George W. Bush presidential administrations. Education reform was relegated to the background in the 2016 election, but a well-funded effort to increase modestly the number of charter schools in Massachusetts went down to defeat. In 2018, Wisconsin voters replaced a strong supporter of school choice with a candidate more likely to raise educational spending. And New Yorkers flipped the state senate, the last refuge of charter school support, from Republican to...

College Endowment Returns Fell in 2018

Rick Seltzer, Inside Higher Ed

Just under half of all spending from endowments goes to supporting student financial aid, according to data included for the first time in an annual survey of college and university endowments.Now the question is whether that's high or low -- and whether it provides any meaningful insight into colleges' and universities' priorities.The annual study of endowments, released today by the National Association of College and University Business Officers and the financial services company TIAA, includes the headline finding that endowment returns fell by about a third to 8.2 percent, net of...

Fake University in Michigan Set Up by ICE to Nab Foreign Students

Casiano, FOX N

The Department of Homeland Security set up a fake Detroit-area university to target foreign students who wanted to stay in the U.S. without proper authorization in a pay to play scheme, according to reports.Eight people were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit visa fraud and harboring undocumented immigrants for profit, Matthew Schneider, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, told the Detroit Free Press. Six were arrested in Detroit, one in Florida and other in Virginia.

Open Letter to the Pulitzer Committee from Parkland Parents

Pollack & Petty, RCEd

The Associated Press declared that the Parkland school shooting was the biggest news story of 2018. But as far as we parents whose children were murdered at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are concerned, only the South Florida Sun Sentinel covered the real story. That's why we're writing you the Pulitzer Prize Committee to ask that our local newspaper be awarded journalism's highest honor.
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