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Public Education's Dirty Secret

Mary Hudson, Quillette

Bad teaching is a common explanation given for the disastrously inadequate public education received by America's most vulnerable populations. This is a myth. Aside from a few lemons who were notable for their rarity, the majority of teachers I worked with for nine years in New York City's public school system were dedicated, talented professionals. Before joining the system I was mystified by the schools' abysmal results. I too assumed there must be something wrong with the teaching. This could not have been farther from the truth.Teaching French and Italian in NYC high schools I finally...

Valedictorians Project: Troubling Stories of Boston's Brightest

The Boston Globe

These Boston high school valedictorians set off to change the world. But good grades only got them so far. Is Boston failing its brightest students?

If Girls Are Bad at Math, Should We Blame Their Mothers?

Jill Barshay, Hechinger

There are loads of theories for why girls tend to do worse in math than boys, from differences in innate ability to discrimination by teachers. Many argue that our culture discourages girls from excelling at math. Now a team of economists has produced a study that calculates how a family's attitudes about women can impede girls' math achievement at school.Specifically, in the state of Florida, girls raised in families that prefer boys scored lower on the state's annual math tests than girls in less sexist families. The detrimental effects of this boy bias were largest for wealthier,...

Girls Just Wanna Do Math: And the Women Who Help Them

Amy Walker, Guardian

A project aims to boost pupils' confidence and tackle gender imbalance in Stem professions.I used to think boys were just better at maths, said Linah. But now, it's like, we go to the same school, we do the same subjects so if you can do it, I can do it.There's a reason for the renewed confidence in the 15-year-old from Dagenham and it's sitting next to her in a swanky office in the City of London. Elaine McLoughlin is a business control manager for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. She is also a volunteer tutor on a programme to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds and...

'The Redmen': The Fight to Remove McGill's Nickname

Matthew Stock, WBUR

Since 1927, McGill's athletic teams have been nicknamed the Redmen. Nearly a century later, 80 percent of McGill's student body voted in favor of a name change.Tomas Jirousek is a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy, a group of Indigenous tribes in western Canada. About 25 percent of his hometown of Whitehorse, Yukon is Indigenous. But when Jirousek first arrived at McGill University in the fall of 2016, he was one of only about 150 Indigenous students out of nearly 28,000 undergrads."There were these pockets where I saw myself reflected," Jirousek says. "But it almost felt more isolating,...

After Khashoggi Killing MIT Maintains Lucrative Saudi Ties


Massachusetts Institute of Technology will not cut ties with Saudi Arabia following the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.MIT President Rafael Reif announced Wednesday that he's accepting the recommendation of an earlier review that found no "compelling case" to break with the kingdom.

Giving to Colleges Is Up 7.2 Percent

Scott Jaschik, Inside Higher Ed

Charitable giving to colleges reached $46,730,000,000 in 2017-18, a one-year increase of 7.2 percent, or 4.6 percent when adjusted for inflation.The data are from the annual Voluntary Support of Education report, now run by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education.While Michael Bloomberg's mega-gift of $1.8 billion to Johns Hopkins University came after the last academic year and so will influence next year's totals, there report covers a year of numerous large gifts. Seven institutions reported gifts of at least $100 million during the year studied, more gifts of that size than...

School Shooters: What's Their Path To Violence?

Rhitu Chatterjee, NPR

Psychologists and the FBI say they are getting a better understanding of the mix of factors that lead some kids to open fire on a classroom. The shooting can be an act of desperation fueled by anger.It's hard to empathize with someone who carries out a school shooting. The brutality of their crimes is unspeakable. Whether the shootings were at Columbine, at Sandy Hook, or in Parkland, they have traumatized students and communities across the U.S.Psychologist John Van Dreal understands that. He is the director of safety and risk management at Salem-Keizer Public Schools in Oregon, a state that...

What a Title IX Proposal Means for Religious Liberty

Alexandra McPhee, RCEducation

Faith-based educational institutions might see a welcome change in federal regulations on the horizon.This week, the U.S. Department of Education concluded its public comment period for a proposed rule that would make several changes to federal regulations regarding the law known as Title IX, which prohibits sex-based exclusion from, denial of benefits by, or discrimination by any education program or activity receiving public assistance. As Family Research Council argues in its formal comment supporting the proposed rule, at least one recommended change means good things for faith-based...

My University Accepts Overseas Students Doomed to Fail

Anonymous, The Guardian

I was told to shut up' when I tried to blow the whistle on my university for recruiting international students for cashA few years ago, while working in a business school, I was the academic in my department responsible for looking after PhD students. Around this time, the department dean identified international PhD students as a lucrative income stream. He hoped this might help shore up the department, since his strengths didn't lie in securing research funding or drawing income from local businesses.He started by aggressively recruiting international students with full fees or bursaries...

Study: Student Loans May Help Academic Achievement

Ashley A. Smith, IHEd

The growing amount of student loan debt has been labeled a national crisis as more low-income students seek to attend colleges and universities where the cost of attendance continues to rise. But some researchers are questioning whether the ballooning amount of student debt is truly a crisis if it helps students reach their academic goals and leads to well-paying jobs.A new study published in Education Next by Benjamin Marx, an assistant professor of economics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Lesley Turner, an assistant professor of economics at the University of...

Why Are We So Quick to Judge Our Students?

John Orlando, Faculty Focus

I once had a student who missed numerous classes and assignments. Whenever I approached him about it, he would deny that he had missed anything. He'd insist that he had been present or handed in the assignment, and that I must have not seen him in class or lost his work. What really got under my skin was the accusatory tone of his denials, suggesting that he was a victim of my incompetence. Not surprisingly, this left me feeling anger toward the student.Near the end of the course I received an email from him, which was also addressed to his other instructors. It began with I am an...

At the University of Iowa, a Victory for Religious Freedom

Daniel Payne, College Fix

The United States District Court for the Southern District of Iowa ruled this week that the University of Iowa may not discriminate against its religious students. That seems like it should be self-evident, but you would be surprised at what a modern American university will try and get away with.The school had previously stripped a Christian group of its official status because the group required its members to adhere to Christian values. Then, for good measure, the university compiled a watch list of over 30 religious student groups that it had placed on probation simply for...

Kamala Harris Talks Policy with HBCU Leaders

Tiffany Pennamon, Diverse

WASHINGTON Historically Black colleges and universities' role in molding students into leaders and public servants was on display Thursday morning during a Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) Congressional Fireside Chat with 2020 presidential hopeful U.S. Sen. Kamala D. Harris.Engaging with presidents and chancellors from TMCF's 47-member institutions on issues of HBCU sustainability and competitiveness, the junior senator from California noted the influence her experience at her alma mater Howard University had on her life. Harris also highlighted several key legislative priorities she...

Blackface and The Great College-Yearbook Reckoning'

Osei & Pettit, Chronicle

After racist pictures from Gov. Ralph S. Northam'??s 1984 medical-school yearbook were posted online last week, Twitter has been aflame with similar photos plucked from other yearbooks. Scholars say blackface images aren't outliers.

Blackface, KKK Photos Prompt College Yearbook Audits

Anderson & Svrluga, WaPo

The 1922 edition of the Campanile yearbook at Rice University featured a group photo of white-hooded members of what appears to be a campus chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. In 1968, the Virginia Military Institute yearbook, known as the Bomb, published racist slurs and images, including a picture of two grinning men in blackface holding a football. And the 1979 yearbook of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill included a photo of a simulated lynching, with two people dressed as KKK members and a person in blackface hanging from a noose.These are some of the bombshells to surface in old...

Senator Alexander Proposes 3 Major Reforms to Higher Ed Act

L. Jones, Diverse

WASHINGTON Simplifying the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, improving the student loan repayment system and creating more institutional accountability are three key ways to reform the federal Higher Education Act up for reauthorization this year, U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander said Monday in remarks at the American Enterprise Institute.Reform is overdue and there are bipartisan efforts to make higher education work better for students, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and former Tennessee governor told an audience of more than 200...
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